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Hi guys,

Probably for some of you simple question.

I am having a blog and separate homepage. What I want to do, is to
include some snippets from my blog to appear on my homepage.
Literally, to extract some of the text from one site and include it on
the other.

What is the best and good way to do it?

My first idea was JavaScript. Is it a right choice? Maybe somebody got
some good source links how to do it.

Second question, if you could give me advice how to write such code to
be efficient. I am not a pro programmer. Got quite good experience
with webdesign, but not necessarily heavy programming.

All help is really appreciated.


Re: webpage extractor.

On Sun, 11 Mar 2007 03:59:52 -0700, paczkow wrote:

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No, use some server side language -- Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, whatever is
running on one of the two sites.  

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Decide on the language, then research modules that handle whatever kinds
of downloads or uploads are required, and modules that
handle generation of web pages.  Web languages have these things already
written for you.

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For what you're trying to do, high efficiency is not important.  Just set
it up as a cron job to run at times of low traffic on the site.

Re: webpage extractor.

On 11 Mar, 10:59, pacz...@gmail.com wrote:

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Some solution based on RSS, as the format to exchange the text.

How you implement this as server-side code has many solutions,
depending on the tools and skill you have available (client-side
JavaScript from a 3rd party RSS-to-JS server is perhaps the easiest to
use, if not the best result). Do some searching.

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