Webmail, port 2095, workarounds ?

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I am helping someone who is trying to access webmail on a typical
Linux/Cpanel web host. When you type in the url
www.example.com/webmail, the server responds with a redirect to a URL
on port 2095 and pops the user/password login window.

Unfortunately, the client is blocked by their provider from getting to
post 2095. Any thoughts on how I might work around this port
restriction? I can visualize a program running on a web server (that
the client can get to on port 80) pulling the pages, but I can't see
any way to handle the initial browser (secure user/pass) login.

Any ideas or 3rd party programs that might help ?

Re: Webmail, port 2095, workarounds ?

still me wrote:
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Have they talked to their provider about opening the port?  Or maybe
even tried to get help from their host?

If neither are helpful, I think it would be easier to change one (or
both) than to try to get this to work.  And even if you did, chances are
your hosting company isn't going to like the redirect (they must have a
reason for using port 2095).

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Re: Webmail, port 2095, workarounds ?

On Fri, 11 May 2007 05:56:15 -0500, Jerry Stuckle

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They're going out through a large, corporate network run by an IT
group that won't change/open anything.
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Changing hosting might be the only alternative. Seems like all the
cpanel based hosts use a similar scheme for webmail login.

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