Webmail + Calendar + Addressbook + Tasks manager... ?

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Is there an application in PHP or Perl that does pretty much the same  
thing as MS Outlook and that's free?
I'm pretty much interested in the following features:

  - Webmail
  - Calendar
  - Addressbook
  - Tasks manager
  - Bookmarks manager

I know software that do one of these features, but I don't know of a  
united package :(


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Re: Webmail + Calendar + Addressbook + Tasks manager... ?

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A colleague has been banging on about O/S groupware apps for some time ...

These are the links he provided - don't know if they cover /all/ your  
needs in one hit

http://www.phpgroupware.org/ - cheap and cheerful
http://www.opengroupware.org/ - big and free (sister project to openoffice)


http://www.novell.com/products/openexchange/ - Novell exchange replacement  
- expensive

bon chance.
William Tasso


Re: Webmail + Calendar + Addressbook + Tasks manager... ?

Admin wrote:

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Horde might be the type of service you're looking for, at least if
you're thinking web-based.
http://www.horde.org /

And if you're wondering about all the different names, it "might" be
useful to look through the admin FAQ before downloading anything, at
very least the "General information" section:
http://www.horde.org/faq/admin /

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