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Can someone point me to a list of inexpensive but decent webhosts?  Or
suggest a couple?

Re: Webhosts

__/ [ panxerox ] on Sunday 19 March 2006 12:43 \__

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* http://catalyst2.com (fast, excellent uptime)

* I heat that Hosting for a Buck are rather decent despite the unbelievably
low cost.

Best wishes,


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Re: Webhosts

On Sun, 19 Mar 2006 12:43:35 +0000, panxerox wrote

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I've been happy with The Moose is Loose:
http://www.themooseisloose.net /

Sally in Shropshire, UK
bed and breakfast near Ludlow: http://www.stonybrook-ludlow.co.uk
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Re: Webhosts

Sally Thompson wrote:
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Second that.

Re: Webhosts

posted something that included:

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Webhosting is subject to Sturgeon's Law: 95% of it is crap.

Even among the remaining 5%, however, there are no one-size-fits-all
hosting companies. What is inexpensive and decent to user A is grossly
inadequate to user B; what user B calls inexpensive and decent will be
obscenely expensive to user A.

The biggest single part of your hosting fees go for support, not for
the server, so the biggest single factor is YOUR level of competence.

Do you think support should teach you the syntax for an <img> tag? Or
do you think support should only help when your index.html page
generates a 500 error? Do you think "24 hour support" should mean they
answer the phone around the clock, or do you mean they send you an
email within 24 hours asking for more details about your problem?

It's no sin to need support. Needing it and not having it available,
though, is a problem. Paying for it, even though you don't need it, is
also a problem, but a substantially smaller one.

If you just want some space where you can post pictures of the
grandkids, you can get that *plus* DSL access, all for $14.95 a month.
Most people spend more than that for dial-up access, so if you want to
save money, you have to be willing to put up with the extra speed and
convenience of broadband.

Do you remember when @home imploded, people lost their email addresses
without any notice at all? Maybe you want your own domain name, so
that if your collie runs away from home, and wants to find you in 20
years to tell you that she has had a litter, she can find you.

Do you need 5 MB of space for your files, or 5 GB?  Do you need 200 MB
per month of transfer or 20 GB of transfer daily?

Do you need POP3 or IMAP or Webmail? If you want webmail, will Horde
do it, or Squirrelmail, or Neomail, or will any webmail do? Do you
need an SMTP server? Will authenticated SMTP on port 25 do, or do you
need an alternate port? Do you perhaps need to be able to set your MX
record so that you can offer webmail to your users?

Do you need the hosting company to provide a few scripts, like
form-to-mail, or do you need the ability to install your own CGI
scripts? Do you feel comfortable installing from a tarball, or do you
need click-install scripts of popular CMS, blog, wiki, etc. software?
Do you need shell access?

Will standard LAMP hosting do, or do you require a Windows server? Do
you need a Real server? Do you need an IRC server? Do you intend for
your IRC server to be part of an IRC network, or will it be

Do you need FrontPage extensions? Do you need online site-building

Do you want Analog, or AWstats, or Urchin, or do you even care about
site statistics? Or do you need access to your raw server logs?

One of the few things I figure EVERY decent host offers is honesty. If
any hosting company tells you that they are all things to all people,
they are fibbing. The "host finder" type sites don't tell you anything
about honesty - and they don't tell you anything about reliability or
server latency, either. You need to be working from recommendations.

But without knowing what is "decent" hosting to you, it's impossible
to make good recommendations. Both a 757 airliner and a Harley with a
side car offer quite decent transportation, for different
requirements, but neither one is particularly satisfactory for hauling
a new La-Z-Boy home from the store. A rusty old pickup works much
better for that - but you still lack a vehicle suitable for hauling
your five daughters in fancy dresses to church on Easter Sunday,

It's possible that someone would recommend a host to you in this
thread that will work out for you. You might want to check my sig, for
instance. We have great hosting at a very affordable price - but only
if what we offer is what you need. A hosting company that doesn't meet
your needs is never a bargain.


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