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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how I'd go about
doing this.
I want a webcam which has to refresh about only 5 to 10 seconds or so, and a
chatroom on the same page so I can talk with people looking at it. What's
the best way to do a chatroom nowadays? I know how to program php, mysql,
html, but have no experience with chatrooms.


Re: Webcam and chat

In theory you can add both to your webpage.  I have a chatroom on one
of my pages.  You could even use a tagboard for this kind of thing if
you want to be able to do one on one chats.  There are a number of free
chatroom scripts available.

While I have a webcam page I'm still having trouble with making it a
stream.  But there is a site called video add-on where you have to join
them but they provide you with a cut and paste script that you can add
to your webpage for your webcam stream.

Webcams should come with some included software to help you add a
stream (or at least webcam pictures) to your webpage.

My webcam page is at

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Re: Webcam and chat

there's a webcam chat function aswell. want to go halves in buying it
let me know!


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