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Webalizer reports the following:

Average daily visits
Sep 2006: 4543
Oct 2006: 4898
Nov 2006: 5059
Dec 2006: 6907
Jan 2007: 9017

Can I assume that now (at least) 9000 people a day visit my site? "At
least" because Internet caching should hide additional visitors. That
would be a very substntial increase over the past months.

Here are some other statistics for reference.

Average number of daily pages:
Sep 2006: 15182
Oct 2006: 16265
Nov 2006: 16120
Dec 2006: 24404
Jan 2007: 32798

Average daily number of files:
Sep 2006: 170671
Oct 2006: 175750
Nov 2006: 175986
Dec 2006: 148250
Jan 2007: 161023

This has not increased in the same way as the number of visits and the
number of pages. The pattern is similar with the number of requests. How
can this be interpreted?

Alfred Molon
http://www.molon.de - Photos of Asia, Africa and Europe

Re: Webalizer stats

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No. Because dynamic addressing (particularly of AOL users) may make it look
like one person is multiple people.

Karl Groves

Re: Webalizer stats

Alfred Molon wrote:

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No, you can't assume that -- in some cases, Internet proxy farms *create*
additional users.

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You can't even be sure that there's been any increase. There may have just
been a shift in your visitors from people who have decent caching to
people who have rubbish caching.

Website statistics are rather good for telling you what your website is
doing. They are rather bad at telling you what your visitors are doing.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
Contact Me  ~ http://tobyinkster.co.uk/contact

Re: Webalizer stats

Alfred Molon wrote

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You should know better, Alfred:


Charles Sweeney

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