Web Services used for a synchronization framework ...

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 Say you need to serve the same Web content from a number of IP
address,  which you need to keep out there with high availability
 I think Web Services would be a good candidate for the
synchronization of Web pages/content.
 What some frameworks do is database development and then let the
databases themselves do the synchronization (Should I update my
knowledge of this subject ;-))
 Is there any special reason why the experts have decided this way to
achieve synchronization? One of the problems I see with that is
idiosyncrasies impedance among different DBs or you must use the same
DB in all Web sites
 As I see this synchronization need, basically all you will need is:
 * keep all your pages XML complaint
 * be able to update the actual pages being served with Web Services
using XML libraries
 * propagate the changes these Web Services are doing in a secure
(https) and transactional fashion to only the chosen IP addresses ...
 * thoroughly logging on each server the transaction progress/
success ...
 * some graphed/tree-like Zeitgeist feature in order to undo/rollback
to previous updates if necessary
 * . . . ?
 Do/Would Web Services(/frameworks based on them) reliably implement
the needed functionality?
 Which pieces of software (preferably (but not exclusively) open
source) do you think would reliable work on a production system?
 Do you know of any frameworks, projects, links or demoed ideas about
this possibility?

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