Web hosting: "super bargain"???

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I'm pretty clueless and am shopping for a host for a web site.  I
imagine that I might want to store a lot of photography there (we're
talking files that are 3MB to 10MB in size), and make high-res files
available for download, so I am looking at accounts that allow higher
amounts of storage and bandwidth.

I just can't figure out why Hostway has very conservative specs for
almost all its accounts (storage in low MB, for instance) and then has
a "special" that is so far on the other end of the spectrum.  There has
to be some sort of downside to this scheme.  Is there someone there who
can read the description of this account and say what the potential
downside is?

I'll also take recommendations for any host you want ot point me to,
though I don't aim to spend more than $15 a month unless there is a
good reason.  I just can't believe the choices out there...

http://www.hostway.com/superpower/index.html?id=1702 #


Re: Web hosting: "super bargain"???

Fleeing from the madness of the http://groups.google.com jungle
and said:

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It's just a promotion - many companies run them.

Quote: The SuperPower plan is available only to new Hostway customers and  
requires a 1 year service agreement. The cost of the SuperPower plan is  
$9.95/mo for the first 6 months and $13.95/mo thereafter for the Linux  
version ($143.40 total), and $13.95/mo for the first 6 months and  
$17.95/mo thereafter for the Windows® version ($191.40 total). This  
promotion cannot be combined with any other offer.

Make what you can of that - I don't really see anything sinister there.  
Having said that, some folk are averse to being locked in for anything  
longer than a month.

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$15 monthly = $180 annual ~ £100

Almost any hosting operation should be able to accomodate your budget -  
how much storage are you looking for?

Hint: "as much as you can get" is a daft answer.

In any event. I hope you find what you're looking for.
William Tasso


Re: Web hosting: "super bargain"???

I use 1 and 1 .com for my hosting and my clients needs.
Check them out and decided for yourself

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Re: Web hosting: "super bargain"???

Been happy with Lunarpages.com


Re: Web hosting: "super bargain"???

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Over the moon, even?



Veritas Vincti

Re: Web hosting: "super bargain"???

Albert Silverman wrote:
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Set up many photo albums, with many levels of security, Including
allowable download resolution. and watermarks. YOU retain all
copyrights; BEWARE of sites where you give them rights to your pix.
Your visitors do not need to register to see your pix. This link will
save you $5 on Smugmug. When you are ready to share, simply send your
friends to your personal home page OR INDIVIDUAL gallery. Individual
galleries password protected if you wish!

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