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I would like to know the factors involved in deciding between shared
hosting and dedicated server hosting.

The website is being developed on the following platofmr:
Windows Server 2003 running IIS 6.0, ASP.NET 1.1
SQL server 2000,

Can anyone tell me the basic things to be considered for effeciency.
I'm mainly worried about the performance when used on a shared server.
However, how does one measure the bandwidth available via a shared
server or a dedicated server.

I might be able to tell the max number of concurrent users at a peak

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IMO - use a host that knows better than to saddle their web servers with  
the additional tasks of mail and db serving.

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Is this a development or server admin question?

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Try it?  or just bite the bullet and buy (at least) two dedicated servers  
- if you alreadyt have admin resource then colocation may be a more useful  

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bandwidth is a function of the feed provided by your host - factors  
include the comercial arrangement you have with them and whether you have  
a dedicated feed.

Shared hosting accounts are usually measured in monthly transfer.

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It's a start, but not much use without load figures.  Empirical evidence  
will be your best friend.

Factors to consider include the amount of work the web server does, same  
for the db server and the traffic between them.

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