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we are planning to develop/design our Company Website , Many ISP and
hosting companies sent their proposal, I am now in the preparing an
excel sheet with basic components to compare between the companies
Solution. Any one can suggest checkuplist/compare list and what items
should i include in the list to compare them.


Re: Web develop

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Thats a pretty vague question...  any list/checklist would just be "whatever
your site needs for the price you are willing to pay"

Is your site going to be 100% static html?  Or using PHP or ASP or something
else?  Will you need a database?  What kind of database?  Do you need email

Without knowing the answers to those questions then nobody can really help
because anything they say will probably be a case of what they need and not
necessarily what you need.

Re: Web develop

Auggie wrote:
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I second this... we need alot more information. For starters, are you
planning on developing the website in the company, or are you getting
it developed by these service providers?

Here's some very basic fields you will need on all of these
Price (of course)
Storage space provided
Monthly Transfer provided
OS & Database software provided
Real uptime (check some client sites at least daily to see if they ever
go down)
Support (if you are counting on the web to enhance your business, look
for 24x7 phone support)
Upgradability (can you add-on as you grow? how hard is it to upgrade
Unique IP (you want this if you ever plan on having a shopping cart for
SSL purposes)

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I know of a book called the "Web Marketing Cookbook" which did something
like that but it broke things down into a large variety of sites. It might
help to get at least alittle closer to what kindof company?

Retail? Will you be selling online? An online catalog?

Or more just an internet presence for a company? Contacts, information
about the services, bragging about the achievements, maybe a customer
complaint capability

Im taking for granted we are talking about JUST an internet site? Contact
between the company and the rest of the world. No intranet features
(internal stuff which only company people are supposed to see)

Gandalf  Parker

Re: Web develop

madunix wrote :
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Your list may look like this....

Company        How Much for "what I need"
Co. A          x?
Co. B          x?
Co. C          x?
Co. D          x?

i.   Be exact and detailed on "what I need".  All of the potential
suppliers should give you exactly what you need.  If they cant, then
they should not be in your list.
ii.  Sort this list by "How much..." descending.
iii. Choose the one on top of your list.


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Disco Octopus wrote :
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Did i forget to mention to stand on your head when you choose the top
of your list :D

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Re: Web develop

Disco Octopus wrote:
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Actually, you were right the first time: if you choose just by price, you're
likely to end up (a) very dissatisfied and (b) paying more to have someone
fix it later.

Tony Garcia
Web Right! Development
Riverside, CA

Re: Web develop

Tony wrote :
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Only if you are not "given" exactly what you have specified.

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Re: Web develop

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an internal development effort or outsourced?

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You should include those facilities which your new site will need.

William Tasso

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