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Hello, I'm looking to get some feedback about a travel social
networking travel website --->


Mission Statement-
Tour-Talk.com is a web portal and social networking website for
travelers to interact with each other and discuss guided tours or
share thier own travel experiences online. Our goal is to provide a
collection of tools and applications in a travel web community where
members can openly express themselves on a variety of topics and share
travel information about global travel and guided tours . Tour-Talk is
a full featured travel portal complete with Travelers Forums,
Travelers Blogs, Travelers Articles and a Travelers Gallery. Members
can also share their experiences with other travelers through travel
photos and video which can be posted on all forums, blogs, and
articles using advanced new media features found exclusively on Tour-

The Travelers Forum is a community of travelers willing to give
recommendations and warnings to provide an indepth resource about
traveling and global touring. Members can correspond directly with
other travelers that have similar tastes and interests to find the
perfect tour or travel professional. Tour-Talk provides utilities that
will facilitate researching and learning about touring and global
travel through the recommendations of other members. The Travelers
forum brings together like minded individuals and fellow travelers
asking for advice. Tour-Talk has all the features you need for travel
social networking including personal profiles, forums, reviews, blogs,
galleries, and travel articles . The Travelers Forum is a new-media
travel bulletin board system complete with YouTube video integration,
content access via RSS, photo-journals, videologues, personal
profiles, buddy lists and a private messaging system for user to user
interaction. Members receive a full featured personal profile that has
links to their forum posts, blogs, articles, galleries and travel
videos. Profiles also include favorite travel destinations, favorite
tour operator(s), signatures, avatars, and personal photos.
Catagorized community forums have been created for specific topics
such as a General Travel Forum, Guided Tours & Tour Companies forum,
Tour Tips & Travel Advise, Must See & Do, Travel Warnings, Cruise
Forum, Adventure Travel & Active Tours, Youth Tours & Student Travel,
the Independent Travel Forum, Transportation forum , travel news and
Regional Tour-Talk. The regional forum includes discussions about
North American Tours, South American Tours, Mexico, Central America &
Caribbean, European Tours, Asian & Indian Tours, Australia & South
Pacific Tours, African Tours & Safaris, Middle East, Egypt and Holy
Land Tours, plus Arctic or Antarctic Tours & Cruises. Have a vacation
question? Want to find info on destinations or events? Got Travel
advice you want to share with other members? Post it in the forums.

Create your own personal travel blog and hop aboard the travel

The Travelers Blog is a powerful blogging system that integrates with
the Travelers Gallery and Travelers Forum. Tour-Talk features an easy
to use interface and has all the features you want in a modern Travel
Blog. Bloggers can enable pre-installed blocks like a mini calendar,
personal links, forum entries, travel articles, and gallery albums to
collect their content in a personal space. Travelers Blogs are travel
homepages and a virtual MySpace for global tourists who want to share
their adventures online. Members can create a personal blog and
publish travel dispatches, travelogues, gallery images, travel article
links and recent posts on a live personal homepage. Members can rate
and comment on other travelers blogs and entries can be shared with
friends and family. Advanced features include RSS syndication for
mobile interaction and custom content blocks such as images, polls,
and buddy lists. Content blocks are easily managed using a simple drag
and drop method straight into a members blog page and members can rate
and comment on other travelers blogs for an interactive commuinty
experience. Travel bloggers have full control over their personal
content and each blog owner can decide who can see and interact with
their entries. Tour-Talk Bloggers can specify a list of members who
can read their entries and the whole blog can be marked private for
only specific groups or users. All posts can be edited, updated and
published at the users convenience. Tour-Talk is new media travel blog
for travelers who love touring.

Register with tour-talk.com and write a travelers review today!

Travelers Reviews allow users to rate and review guided tours, travel
packages, destinations, events, resturants, resorts, hotels, cruises,
airlines, rental cars, as well as other travel services and tour
professionals. The travelers reviews is a resource of user-generated
travel content creating an unbiased insiders perspective linked to a
specific member profile. This makes it easy for members to contribute
content and provide firsthand reviews and honest advice for travelers
who love touring.

Register for free with Tour-Talk.com to create your own personal
travel photo gallery!

Share your travel photos online! Tour-Talk.com members can create free
travel photo galleries of their favorite guided tours, or travel
adventures. The Travelers Gallery is a full featured image gallery for
members that integrates seamlessly with other sections of the website
including the Travelers Forum, Travelers Reviews, Travelers Blogs, and
Travelers Articles, All Tour-Talk users can browse and view photos on
the Travelers Gallery and the system allows for easy gallery sharing
and photo linking. Members can upload photos to the Travelers Gallery
to share your travel memories with friends, family and other tour-talk
members. Members can also create their own categories in order to
organize travel images and individual trips just like a traditional
travel photo album.

Register for free with Tour-Talk.com and publish your own travel

Members can publish their own travel articles on Tour-Talk.com .
Travelers Articles allow registered to design their own Destination
Guides and share information about worldwide locations and events.
Members can also create travelogues about specific trips and tours
they have enjoyed. Tour-Talk Travelers Articles also feature Travel
Stories illustrating funny, interesting and compelling stories and
essays about traveling. Share Tour Logs that highlight your favorite
guided tours or tour operator. Travelers can also design Photo
Journals that work with their Travlers Gallery to illustrate and
organize their trips and tours in photos. Tour-Talk also hosts Travel
Videologues which integrate with youtube accounts which allow for
members to share their vacation videos in an interactive journal
format complete with text, photos, URL links and advanced page
formating options. With Tour-Talk Travelers Articles anyone can become
a travel journalist and publisher by writing their own travel
articles, travel journals and travelogues.

Join Tour-Talk today! http://tour-talk.com

---looking for feedback about site design and navigation.  Also, if
you want to book a guided tour or find travel products or services
online keep us in mind.

Re: web 2.0 / travel 2.0 website ---> Tour-Talk.com - for travelers who love touring

Tour-Talk wrote:
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Re: web 2.0 / travel 2.0 website ---> Tour-Talk.com - for travelers who love touring

Yawn?...Nice feedback...What do you all consider a web 2.0 or travel
2.0 website.  Most travel sites are lucky to have half the features
tour-talk.com offers free to users.

Do any of you all travel?

What was your favorite trip?

Guided tours and travel professionals offer worry free
vacations....why not hit the easy button, go on a tour, and upload
your experience to Tour-Talk ----> for Travelers who Love touring.

Re: web 2.0 / travel 2.0 website ---> Tour-Talk.com - for travelers who love touring

Tour-Talk wrote:
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yes, yawn

you're not looking for feedback, you're looking for visitors

spam disguised as a site check?
come on ;)
born at night doesn't mean last night

Re: web 2.0 / travel 2.0 website ---> Tour-Talk.com - for travelers who love touring

Actually I'm looking for both...The site is in a final testing phase
and I saw some posts on this alt.www.webmaster about web 2.0 websites
and applicaions and I thought I'd offer my site up for a web 2.0 /
travel 2.0 critique.  If this forum is for real, and here to help web
designers, I'd expect some 'constructive' critiques from others
working on similar websites or applicaions.  If not, that's
OK...business as usual -----> ;-)

Re: web 2.0 / travel 2.0 website ---> Tour-Talk.com - for travelers who love touring

Tour-Talk wrote:
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let me ask you then

what is it that's determining your site as a Web 2.0 example?

Re: web 2.0 / travel 2.0 website ---> Tour-Talk.com - for travelers who love touring

G wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Oh, that buzzword again...  

Critique:  at first look, I see little there other than a plethora of
bad images. If this is what "Web 2.0" is supposed to be, then it's time
I retired for good.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The poor, jaggy, badly optimized images, and the terribly slow download.

Why do "Basic Website" and "Enhanced Website" go to the same link?

   -Motorcycles defy gravity; cars just suck

Re: web 2.0 / travel 2.0 website ---> Tour-Talk.com - for travelers who love touring

Tour-Talk wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Oh, the "forum" is for real, but I doubt that you are.

In any case, the NG a.w.w is more about managing web sites and servers,
and much less about "help web designers."

If you really wanted a site critique, you could have posted to
alt.html.critique. If you really wanted to discuss "Web 2.0" in terms of
your site, you might have posted to c.i.w.a.site-design.

Your post lists six (6) links to your site, although people qualified to
"provide feedback" would have been able to derive the last five from the
first one. Certainly everyone in a.w.w can handle the "extra work."

You posted so much text that I thought to myself you should get a
website to post it on. With that much text you could have kept the first
URL, too. And no reasonable person wants to read a mission statement
about your site or business, and no sentient life form wants to look at
a "mission statement" that's at least 740 characters long, if not all
ten paragraphs you posted.

"Register for free with [us] and publish your own travel articles!" is

Your post is pure spam, poorly disguised. "G" was right when he yawned.


Re: web 2.0 / travel 2.0 website ---> Tour-Talk.com - for travelers who love touring

I don't like the layout, but then this is just my personal opinion.

Alfred Molon
http://www.molon.de - Photos of Asia, Africa and Europe

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