We have released our Internet Assistant 'Cohesion' - To help you take command of your web ...

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To Internet Users around the World,

We have released our Internet Assistant Cohesion - To help you take
command of your web surfing-experience (Cohesion is brought to you by
http://www.BeyondSentience.com ) and is ready to be used by the

Please take a few minutes to review the potential of Cohesion:
Name: Cohesion (http://BeyondSentience.com )

Cohesion is your assistant to the World Wide Web giving you control
over your web surfing experience.

Website: http://www.BeyondSentience.com

As your internet assistant, Cohesion provides you with the following:

* Power to access your bookmark web links (i.e. your "favourites")
from any computer, anywhere in the world
* Power to login automatically to your frequently-accessed websites
* Power to access your local files/applications from the one interface
* Power to upload your personal files for access from anywhere
* Power to share your files and favourites with your friends
* Power to communicate with your friends
* Power to import all your existing favourites from your browser

Note: The Import utility supports the "Netscape Bookmark Format". This
format is produced by most well known web browsers such as Microsoft
Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Opera.

You will require at a minimum Internet Explorer 6.0

Keywords: Portable Bookmark Manager, Favourites, Access Local Files,
Access Local Applications, Upload Files, Share, Communicate, Global
Access, Integrated User Interface.

BeyondSentience.com Team
Melbourne, Australia

Promotional Statement:
Take command of your web surfing-experience with Cohesion your
internet assistant from http://www.BeyondSentience.com .
You may ask "How will I benefit by using Cohesion?". Take a look at
two typical day-in day-out Scenarios below:

Scenario 1:
Each morning You have a look at your email from Yahoo, your email from
Gmail, email from MSN, you check out the the news , check the weather,
check the tv guide, check what the traffic situation is like and so
To open each website and type in your web addresses is monotonous
process isn't it. Let Cohesion open all your frequently visited
websites, with 1-Click. Just 1 and you can do this from any machine.
Now you can spend more time experiencing your websites. Think of
Cohesion as a remote control to World Wide Web.

Scenario 2:
Your doing research perhaps for an assignment, a thesis etc. You have
collected dozens of web links that you found all over the web. Where
do you store your weblinks, on your computer, maybe on your browser.
Let Cohesion keep them safe for you, with the advantage of accessing
them from anywhere at anytime.

Cohesion is concerned about your desktop; Is it getting cluttered with
many open browser windows. Let Cohesion close them all for you with 1-

And most importantly, You will be able to share and communicate with
all your friends.

Cohesion your internet assistant to the World Wide Web is waiting for
you at http://www.BeyondSentience.com


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