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after five years with ipower and having swallowed a lot of their s...,
we sent an email to the current president of ipower.com, because all
other emails trying to solve any issues were not answered. nor was this
one :

dear Thomas Gorny,

due to the unbarable problems we have with your services we would like
to know how we can easily transfer our 44 accounts and 172 domain names
to bluehost or lunarpages.

if you wonder why :
we have been ipower client since 2001, but the last two years we lost
more than 24.000 USD and 22 clients because your servers were not up
for a longer period (dom17 or others) or databases and users frequently
disappear (iq-dive.com, yellowthailand.com, khaolakserver.com,
landportal.com and others). this is always nice when season starts and
bookings can't be made. grounding businesses the digital way -
ipower.com. you close accounts without further notice, make it
impossible to regain access, demand 49 USD for restoring databases you
lost yourself, the webmail4 clients are not of real use and horribly
slow, the departments rarely reply to any support requests except the
automated messages, and if they do, it is not focussed on the actual
issue but some blabla not even scratching the surface. the online chat
with any department whatsoever gives us the impression you gave your
operators a job without training them but giving just a textbook with
the hint to send requests to the particular department.

bottom line : they are not really capable of and interested in helping.
lunarpages or bluehost know what customer care is. whatever problem you
have, they can really help. quickly. the servers are working fine, they
offer more space, features, and bandwidth/traffic, more databases that
never disappear, you get emails if they change anything, and so on...

we found many similar complaints of the same nature on the internet in
forums and groups. maybe you should check yourself and wonder about
your standing and reputation. we don't see any chance to recommend you
any longer. it is 2006 and we want to offer websites that are up and
running at the promised 99.9%. by the way : we never received the
payout from our affiliate account, and your billing department seems to
consist of bureaucracy robots. it took bluehost three days to do that.

please don't make any offers to keep us as your client, we do not trust
ipower anymore. we swallowed a lot and we always tried to find consent,
but you seem not to be interested in that.

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