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Re: VPS, which one?

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I'm not actively looking for a VPS or anything, but I have noticed that
there seem to be very few FreeBSD "jails" available! With BSD Jails being
better in terms of CPU usage and scalability (and the fact that linux, while
having a huge number of "virtualization" choices... lacks BSD jail functionality)


Why are there no FreeBSD jail providers out there?

While casually looking for my answer (which I still haven't found) I landed on
this page:

http://www.serverpronto.com /

Apparently, $29.95/month buys you a *dedicated* FreeBSD box?!?! I'm wondering
what the catch is. (anyone else ever use these guys?)

If it really is that cheap, I could probably pull the plug on my local "work
machine" and just "rent" a computer from them and save $$ on electricity.

Still doesn't answer my question though... how come no one is renting FreeBSD

Question #2 is... will Linux ever have actual, real, simple, BSD jail
functionality?  (I mean built in, vserver and such doesn't count) the "jail"
feature of FreeBSD is really nice! (elegant & simple too)

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Re: VPS, which one?

Jamie wrote:

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There are some and it's definitely a cool thing, but people want VPS for
true virtualization.   They want to run their own kernels, their own
OSes and OS versions, and run it completely independantly of another
VPS account.  For the purposes and benefits that you've outlined, yes,
it's a great option, but still locks everyone into the same pros _and_
cons of the kernel used and the base choices of the install (they can't
upgrade/change it when they want).  Linux can jail/chroot as well, but
not as nicely and naturally, this is true.  There is a smaller niche
market for FreeBSD jail providers if you look around, but I don't think
the demand is there to dictate a lot of hosts to offer it.

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It really is that cheap, since it's a system that's about 6 years old by
the looks of it.  Not a lot of disk space in total (40 gigs) and
bandwidth is only 200 gigs, but that's still not bad... until you look
at the details.  It only allows for one reboot per month and each
"reboot" after that is $29, each.  I've never seen anyone do that
before, but I guess they have to make money some how.  It's just a
system they need to justify the power of running (which takes a lot
more power to run those older systems), and hope the client upgrades
(or needs a few reboots per month).

Also, notice it also only comes with a single IP (and additional IPs are
$10/mo. each), and restores are $69 (restores from where?  It doesn't
have a secondary/backup drive and they don't include a backup service
unless you pay $15 *per GIG* per month.  Honestly, this is, in all
reality, not a very good deal at all.  You can get a low end dedicated
server with decent specs (memory/CPU), better storage (larger drives)
and more bandwidth for under $100 and this won't cost you to reboot it,
ever, and would come with at least a small amount (say 20 to 40 gigs)
of backup on the data center's FTP backup solution feature.  Also, Ips
would maybe still be $10/mo., but it could get you a block of at least
10 IPs for that fee (not just one).

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People do, see above.

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Linux does offer this feature (chrooting is all it is) without having to
use any virtual service (it doesn't have to have anything to do with it
if you don't want it to, it's just necessary in a VE), it's just the
actual command and ability on FreeBSD that makes it more natural.
There are also jail projects that work on Linux, if you didn't want to
roll your own custom development project out.  Regardless, FreeBSD is
definitely something many providers offer, because it is cool. :-)
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