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As I am checking out alternatives to Page-zone, one host I have been
communicating with (until I lost my email this AM!) suggested I may need
to go with a VPS. This is whole new territory for me. I have also run
across semi-dedicated hosting.

I don't need a lot of disk space or bandwidth. What I need is CPU time
and concurrent connections. I am concerned about getting set up on a
shared hosting plan, then losing the account due to excessive resource

So, what are the pros and cons of VPS versus semi-dedicated? I want a
managed account, because I don't have the skills to manage a server
myself. I don't need a highly customized server.

I know so little about VPS or semi-dedicated that I don't even know what
questions I should be asking.

Re: VPS vs Semi-Dedicated

On Mon, 16 Oct 2006 11:02:43 -0600, Scott Bryce

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This sounds like a dedicated server.

The difference is that with a dedicated server, you can use as much
CPU as you like. On a shared server (and this includes a VPS which has
multiple accounts on one computer) the CPU is shared between the
accounts. Need I say more?

Managed hosting is not necessarily more expensive than unmanaged, a
budget dedicated server (low spec, relatively low bandwidth etc) will
set you back about $100 US a month.

Which I appreciate is far more than than many people pay for shared

Companies you might like to consider include:

iweb and donhost

Or look at the reliablility chart at http://www.netcraft.com


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Re: VPS vs Semi-Dedicated

Matt Probert wrote:

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Semi-dedicated puts anywhere from 4 to 10 accounts on one machine, so in
that regard, it would be similar to VPS.

I don't know if the budget can handle a dedicated server yet. I'm
cringing slightly at going from $13.00 USD per month at Page-zone to a
likely $50.00 per month for VPS or semi-dedicated. I'm also wary of
having to take on some of the management of the server myself. I don't
have the skills in either server management of Linux.

Re: VPS vs Semi-Dedicated

Scott Bryce wrote:
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A vps can be had for less than $50/mo.  I'm paying < $30/mo. at
jvds.com.  Another one I like is powervps.com.  Control panels extra
(except WebMin).

But it's a lot different.  With a vps you have (pretty much) total
control over what you can load.  But you also have total responsibility.
  It takes a while to set up, and if you aren't real familiar with Linux
security I recommend you find a Linux admin to help you out with your
first one.  There are just too many ways someone can get into your
system if it's not locked down properly.

Once set up it's not too bad, however.  But you still need to do
maintenance updates, etc.

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Re: VPS vs Semi-Dedicated

Scott Bryce wrote:
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If you are interested in virtual private servers and do not want to
have to worry about securing it or managing the server aspect then you
should look for a managed vps server.

Two companies that I recommend you look into is powervps.com and
servint.net both are experienced with virtual private servers. Send a
few emails to them and inquire whether their basic vps plans can meet
your resource needs or not, do the same with any other company that you
may be interested in getting hosting from.

Note, with a managed vps as stated already. You will need to just do
some minor maintenance, like updating certain things. ex. the control
panel perhaps, php, mysql, and you shall be responsible for the
software that you use ex. scripts that you may be running (you are
responsible for security; patches of your own software)


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Re: VPS vs Semi-Dedicated

Scott Bryce wrote:
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just how many concurrent connections do you need? most shared hosting
allow for gigabytes of monthly bandwith. Sometime I may have 100 users
accessing my programs in a minute and have not seen any major spike in
bandwith useage.

Re: VPS vs Semi-Dedicated

veg_all@yahoo.com wrote:

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What I know is that in September (my busiest month) I crashed the MySql
server on one of Page-Zone's older machines. According to Jim:

"Looking through the logs, the site was generating a ton of apache
processes, and maxing the available connections out. If the site is
going to consistently need more tha 100 concurrent apache connections at
once we would need to put it on a server that can handle that."

Jim moved me to a newer box that can handle the load, but that doesn't
matter that much today.

When I contacted Lightning Servers about my needs, they told me that
they limit accounts to 50 concurrent MySql connections.

In my total ignorance of such things, I assume that 100 concurrent
Apache connections would mean fewer than 100 concurrent MySql
connections, since some of those users would be downloading static pages.

I don't know if 100 concurrent connections is a huge number, or what the
number would have been if my site had not gone down. Next Spetember, the
numbers will be higher.

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