VPS: how much RAM do I need?

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I am seeing basic VPS hosting for $8 month. Usually, those plans
include 64MB ram. Is that enough for a low traffic Drupal, or Django

Sometimes these plans allow you run your pick of linux distros, or
freebsd. Does it matter much? I have a preference for Debian, but if
there's a big RAM difference, I suppose I could use something else.

Any input appreciated. Thanks.

Re: VPS: how much RAM do I need?

walterbyrd wrote:
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Hi, Walter,

It will work, but don't expect great response most of the time.  I
normally go at least 128M, with busier systems 256M.

I haven't found that much difference between distros; I've been using
Debian but am thinking of going to slackware because most of my systems
are heavily customized, anyway.

Also - I wouldn't do $8 VPS's - too much like $0.99/mo. shared hosting.
  I pay between about $25 and $40/mo. for my Linux VPS's.

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Re: how much RAM do I need?

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They should include more than 64MB RAM.  I would say 128 at the very least
with burstable of more than that for that price.


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