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Has anyone hosted any website in

Iam having a poor experience with those guys..
No proper support...
Most of the times the server is down....

But they say 99.6% uptime... 24*7*365 support... :-))

Please share with me and let the world know about this..

Re: VisionWebHosing

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Every host has some downtime, even the best of ones. 99.6% seems a bit odd,
but you have to take these figures with a pinch of salt. Assuming 99.6% is
right then that works out at 3 hours downtime a month.

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If you are having a bad experience with them then I suggest:

1. Post to /. Its where a number of the
regulars go to check on hosts.

2. Move your website somewhere else. There are lots of hosts, some good,
some bad, and sometimes even the good can have bad moments. I persevered
once with a host for half a year always thinking I was just unfortunate and
that if they were as good as their word everything would be sorted out
shortly - but I've learnt from the experience.

Whatever your issues are, if its not sorted out within a week or two then
switch hosts. Then worry about whether you can get your money back for any
unused hosting time (which is unlikely).

When you do switch hosts its worth shopping around. One of my current hosts
offers me what looks very similar to their "Java Expert Plan" but for less
than a third of the price.
Brian Cryer

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