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Hello everyone this is an announcement about Earl Thurston. This man
pays people to write negative comments about doctors from North
America; he then posts the false and negative comments on www.doctorscoreca=
This man is extorting people, he is the one that posts these comments,
and he is also the one that is contacting the doctors, charging them
money to remove the comments. If the doctor being contacted does not
want to pay he is then demonized by Earl Thurston through many
negative postings on the internet. Therefore Earl not only ruins the
doctor=92s reputation but he also destroys their business. Be aware of
this modern type of blackmail! If you have been a victim of Thurston=92s
scam, unite and sue him! Lets all unite and expose him so that no one
should ever be afraid of this type of extortion; it=92s our
constitutional right to be free from fear!

Re: Victims of

[negative comment about Earl Thurston]

Please settle this in court. Your posting here is pointless. How many
doctors do you think read this Usenet group? Also, what credibility do
you have here? None I think. Right now it reads as one k00k badmouthing
another one.

Finally, I hope that you haven't multiposted this to countless other groups.

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