Using Shared Object Class in Flash 7

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I am trying to use Shared Object Class in Flash 7. I have placed the
following code in a flash movie:

// Shared Object
var Sign_parameters:SharedObject = sharedobject.getlocal
// Entering value = 8;
//flushing the new value
// checking that value was transmitted
_root.Eclect =;

If the code was working right,  _root.Eclect would get the value of 8
either the first or second time I load the webpage with the flash to
my computer. It never happened, not when I loaded the page from the
internet nor from the hard drive.

There is  no other code related to shared
object in this flash movie. I am wondering if anyone has any input
with regard to why the shared object does not do its job of storing
data and transmitting it back to the flash movie the second time it is
loaded. Perhaps there is a security issue with shared object class and
my operation system does not create the shared object in my hard
drive, or I do not use the right path when I manipulate the shared
object or maybe shared object work only on main (index) movie.

Let me know if you have a clue...

Many Thanks,


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