Using .eml files on a website

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Sometimes when someone wants me to put something on a website I =
maintain, I=20
have found it quick and easy to save their HTML email as HTML and in =
way it already formatted as they would like it, and it requires little =
on my part.

But I just received an email with some pictures, and that didn't work=20
because the pictures were encoded in the email. I could have saved the=20
pictures as JPG and used <img> tags to display them, but that's a lot of =

work. So, I saved it in ".eml" format, removed most of the header, and =
it on my dog's website. The URL is=20 . It works, but the address in =
is prepended with mhtml:

Is this a reasonable thing to do, or are there problems I don't see?


Paul and Muttley

Re: Using .eml files on a website

On Mon, 3 Jan 2011 22:52:12 -0500, P E Schoen put finger to keyboard and

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Look at it in a different browser, and the problems will immediately become

On a more general note, doing what you're doing is a really bad way of
doing it anyway, because most HTML email clients generate HTML which is
full of proprietory tags and extensions that will result in a hugely
bloated and sub-standard web page.


Re: Using .eml files on a website

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Have you now taken it down? because in IE I get page not found.
FireFox displays the message: "Firefox doesn't know how to open thsi
address, becasue the protocol (mhtml) isn't associated with any program."

So, no, I don't think its a good way forward. Either convert the file by
hand (which you wanted to avoid) or bounce it back to the sender and ask
them to do it.
 Brian Cryer


Re: Using .eml files on a website

"Brian Cryer"  wrote in message=20

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I have not taken it down, but I also got an error message with IE8 when =
changed to the "real" URL:

Then IE8 displayed the page properly. But it doesn't work in Google =
or Firefox. I could not find a way to associate mhtml with the email=20
program. It probably works in IE8 because the email program is part of =
(or at least there is a button to go there).

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