Using a .mobi domain for non-mobile website

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Is it frowned upon or against ICANN rules to create a non-mobile site
on a .mobi domain?  Dotster had a deal running where a .mobi domain
could be obtained for $9.99 per year, and I registered one in hopes of
using it for a personal website.

Though I understood .mobi was mainly meant for websites tuned for
mobile devices, I figured using such a domain for a non-mobile site
would be similar to using a .com for a non-commercial site, .net for a
non-ISP type site, .org for a non-organization site, etc... but are
there any restrictions by ICANN that would cause issues if my .mobi
domain wasn't tuned for mobile systems?

Just curious --


Re: Using a .mobi domain for non-mobile website

Alex wrote:

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ICANN doesn't run the .mobi TLD directly. A company called "dotMobi" runs
it under an ICANN mandate.

One of the conditions that dotMobi imposes upon registrants is that if
a .mobi domain name has a website associated with it (because of course,
you could register a domain and not run a website there -- just use it for
e-mail, or SSH, or FTP, or whatever) it must comply with the rules in
their "dotMobi Switch On! Guides".

The current guide is here:

The mandatory rules in the guide can be summarised as:

    * Must use XHTML Mobile Profile 1.0

    * Must successfully validate against above

    * If you operate, you must also operate

    * Must not use frames unless serving pages to a client known
      to support them.

Yes, that's dumb. But the whole ".mobi" concept is dumb. (For a start, why
create a TLD for mobile phones that requires twice as many button pushes
to type on a mobile phone keypad as ".net" does?)

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Re: Using a .mobi domain for non-mobile website

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Hi Toby,

Thanks for the reply...  interestingly enough Dotster didn't say
anything about dotMobi when registering the domain, or I might not've
grabbed it.  I also assume by this statement "There are no time limits
associated with compliance to this document" that there's no real
enforcement of this, and though I like to stick with industry
standards as much as possible, I've never really seen any standards
being followed in regards to TLD's other than .edu and .gov.


Re: Using a .mobi domain for non-mobile website

Interesting thought.

Personally, I think the .mobi idea is going to prove as much of a dead
end as WAP/WML.  Handheld browser functionality (driven largely by the
need to support the digital cameras built in to modern poserphones) is
just exploding - it's actually very easy to code pages in XHTML 1.0
Strict/CSS 2 so they display just as well on classic screens and

SO I think .mobi has a very limited lifetime ahead of it.  It doesn't
surprise me, therefore, to see deals effectively dumping .mobi
domains.  I'd have a major concern - if you invest in one and start to
garner links, you need to retain control of the domain if things go
pear-shaped so you can set up 301 redirects to another domain.  And I
think the .mobis, one day, are just going to black-hole.

Which would lose any links you've built.

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