Used a table layout, prefer a layout using CSS

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I put together a website located at . I had 2.5
weeks to get it done so I threw it together using tables for the layout.
I'm not a fan of using tables but didn't have time to research a CSS
alternative. There are a few things I still need to work out for it to
validate but my question is, do you think it is worth my time to convert
this site to a CSS layout using DIVs instead?


Re: Used a table layout, prefer a layout using CSS

On Wed, 22 Jun 2005, Jerry wrote:

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The use of tables is not obvious with Lynx (sometimes you can really
tell that tables are (ab)used) so I can't see any problem with using
them right now on your site.

I did spot *one* error on one of your pages.  Numeric character
entities are, according to the standards, supposed to be Unicode
characters and not Windows characters.  The entities € to Ÿ
are all control characters by definition.  One of the pages on that
site uses one of those invalid Windows entities instead of the correct
Unicode character:

: Recreation
:    [40] Recreation
:      * [41] Yahoo Guide
:      * [53] Outdoor Activities
:      * [54] Wi•Fi Free Spot
: Community Education

The Windows CP1252 character 149 is a bullet ("•") and is
the equivalent of the Unicode character (hex) 2022 ("•")
or decimal 8226 ("•").

Can you Change:   N  O  V  A  Halifax      to    N  O  V  A  Halifax  *
                  *  S  C  O  T  I  A  .            S  C  O  T  I  A  .
in 34 moves? (*==Lobster)
(Requires a browser supporting the W3C DOM such as Firefox or IE ver 6)

Re: Used a table layout, prefer a layout using CSS

Writing in news:alt.www.webmaster
 From the safety of the  cafeteria

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It's rarely worth the time and effort to do the job twice - I wouldn't  
change it for that reason alone.

William Tasso

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