Usability critique please?

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Recently made and would appreciate your views as

I have only thought to test this on my iMac and have not seen it under
MSIE/Windows, does the site perform and look okay here?

Also, would you say it is usable and user-friendly?

I have recently changed it and am getting less hits, maybe search
engine issues but I would appreciate a design and usability critique!

Thanks a lot,


Re: Usability critique please? wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
  Works fine in Mozilla, IE6 and Opera7. Although I do not have a Mac so I
cannot say if it actually looks the same.

- Should be using Strict, not Transitional, for new sites
- No background color given. My non-white default does not match your
color scheme
- If the viewport is narrower than the fixed-width layout (why?), the
content disappears off the left.
- A separator between (|, ::, -, etc) the list of "Beer price ..." along
the bottom. It all smears together otherwise.
- Font size is set to 10px, 63% of my preferred size. Default should be
100% (usually 16px). Also px units are not resizeable in IE.
- Excessive use of position:absolute. Or rather the use of px
(non-scaling) for position units rather than ems. Increase the font size
by 150% and see what happens.

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Re: Usability critique please?

Here's some of my advice (some of it repeat):
* Use *LARGE* text for things like a quick introduction or if you are
trying to emphazize a certain text element.
* Use *small* text for things like a fine print in your footer.
* Use EM, %, or PT, but don't use PX. As Jim said, you can't resize
text in MSIE that has been set in CSS with PX.
* For normal text, leave it at 100% or 1em.

Re: Usability critique please?

red_dragon2983 wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Change that to:
* Use EM, or %, but don't use PX or PT. As Jim said, you can't resize
text in MSIE that has been set in CSS with PX or PT.

Points are for printing.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

That's a very good idea. IE (some versions) have a problem resizing em
though. Stick with percentages.

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Re: Usability critique please?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Well, now I know something new! :)
Okay, so use them in *printer* stylesheets if possible.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Noted that.

Mark Seymour

Re: Usability critique please?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I think it is nice idea, but...

,------[ Results page for my preferred area ]
| Region not found or not specified
| You have eithor.....
|    o Not chosen a country,
|    o Spelt it incorrectly, OR
|    o Followed a broken link.

None of all that. I just choose an option *you* gave me. Leave out what is  
not there, will you. This is very unfriendly for your visitors.

For the rest:

BTW: there is a newsgroup especially for getting critiques:  

|      weblog | |
|  webontwerp | |
|zweefvliegen | |

Re: Usability critique please?

On 1 May 2006 11:36:55 -0700, wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The first page made me rollup!

"The Price of a Pint" (with a clear illustration of a pint of beer)
followed by "Afghanistan", a notoriously conformist Islamic country.
On case you didn't know, the use and consumption of alcohol is
strictly forbidden under Islam!

The advert for Firefox obscures some of the text, I suggest losing the

The front page doesn't resize. Oh so typical!

Got an error when trying to add the price of a pint.

The lack of verification on submitted data renders the information
worse than useless.


Veritas Vincti

Re: Usability critique please?

Okay, thanks the insite.

Will work on making the front page re-sizeable, the advert is gone and
now the select-country listbox shows a random country rather than
defaulting to Afganistan, good point!

RE. Validation, I considered this and thought anyone who wants to trick
it is going to be able to, validation or not. Instead suspicious prices
are flagged up for me - so presumably your efforts to flaw the price in
Afganistan have been deleted :)

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