urgent Question on Internet traffic

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urgent Question on Internet traffic

When I type in " internet traffic "...on google...I see a lot of ads of
companies on the right side of the page ..promising Guaranteed TARGETED

Has anyone tried any of these or any other  traffic generator companies

What has been the response ?

Google has not been good for us so we are looking at other
alternatives..some of the keywords are too expensive ...$5 per click.

Can anyone suggest any alternatives that have helped in generating

We are desperately looking for traffic generating ideas.

Any help / pointers would be highly appreciated.


Re: urgent Question on Internet traffic

Fleeing from the madness of the http://groups.google.com jungle
and said:

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stop - make Tea, relax.  Nothing is gonna change in an instant so chill.

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No - general consensus is they may (or may not) send loads of traffic your  
way, but what you want is *targetted* traffic.

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Word of mouth
van signage
TV/Radio Ads

Place your URL and your hook where your potential customers will see/hear  

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door drops
novelty items

place ads directly on related web sites

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What trade are you in?

William Tasso


Re: urgent Question on Internet traffic

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lol... Maybe Charles could sell space on his...

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Hmmm.... perhaps.

But don't try any cheap spamvertising tricks...

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I would also suggest having a well designed site, with plenty of appropriate
content, that will inevitable float up the search engine rankings...

Also, if the OP could offer a decent freebie, to tempt people in. Free as in
a free resource, white paper, or utility.

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Good question...

Re: urgent Question on Internet traffic

Viral Marketing and New Business
If you're depending on a sole source, such as search engines, to
generate new leads and new business, you're on dangerous ground. Many
businesses have gone belly up because all their eggs were in one

Search engines are too fluid and too volatile for natural or organic
results, especially SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Position). Search
engine algorithms are constantly being tweaked. Today you may have the
#1 position on Google for a variety of search terms, and tomorrow you
may find yourself on page 50.

Your business development efforts should use an integrated approach
that combines at least two communications tools. Internet search
engines is one, viral marketing on the internet is another.

more here...

Web Marketing and Traditional Advertising are more Effective with
Proper Branding
Which is better?
~ Direct mail campaigns versus Email campaigns
~ Print/billboard ads versus Web banner ads
~ Broadcast/radio commercials versus Podcasts/Webcasts
~ Newspaper/magazine ads versus electronic newsletters/Blogs

It really won't matter if no one knows your product or service because
you haven't branded your business correctly. Some companies and
businesses spread their ad dollars around with direct mail, radio,
broadcast and web. But without long-range branding plan you are wasting
your time and money.

more here...

Rick Vidallon

Re: urgent Question on Internet traffic

On 22 Jun 2006 07:40:55 -0700, kalpanaali@yahoo.com wrote:

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Advertising, is what you want.

Try trade journals associated with the scope of your web site


Veritas Vincti

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