Uploaded file with permission: 600

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On a web server I have folder for user to upload their files.

Some files were uploaded with the permission 600, which I cannot ftp
to my pc. I tried to change its permission on FTP program; however the
permission failed to change.

Using the file manager on a control panel of the domain, there is no
option to change the file permission.

Any tips ?

Thank you.

Re: Uploaded file with permission: 600

sb5309@yahoo.com wrote:

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Are the uploads done via a script, or from anonymous FTP or something?
If it's a script, it sounds like the script you use to upload the files
is running as a different user than your account's user ID.  This is
pretty common, where the scripts run as a global web server user.  If
so, it's likely a PHP script, as most servers run CGI as your own user
(i.e., the SuEXEC CGI wrapper in Apache), so if you run the PHP script
as CGI, you probably will have it run as your own user.

Another solution, is to run it normally as it is now doing, and modify
the script to change the permissions (since it would have the privilege
to do so), and simply set the file's permissions to 644 or something
(whatever is most appropriate, but still safe), so you can download it
via FTP.  Beyond that, consider asking your web host for help, and ask
if they'd consider using a wrapper such as suPHP for PHP scripts, so
they run as your own user, as this would allow their shared server to
be better controlled regarding processing, abuse tracking, as well as
offer better security -- and your issue would be solved as a side

If you are having files uploaded via another method (not a script), then
please outline this.  Ultimately, that same service or setting
(possibly umask for FTP, for example) will dictate the permissions (and
sometimes the ownerships), and that might be able to be where it's set
to solve your issue.
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