Upgrading Webtrends from v6 to v7?

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I'm currently running v6, and in the process of testing v7.5. I took
this over from a guy who left the company, so I'm only vaguely familiar
with the way v6 is set up.
I've installed v7.5 on a test server with their sample "Zedesco" data.
Now I need to hook up our log data to allow management, helpdesk, and
users access to their real information in order to make note of changes
and updates to the product.
I figured the quick and dirty way is to connect the test box to the log
files stored on the production v6 box. Looking through the sizeable
installation guide, I started reading some of the Distributed
Installation info. As this is a side project, I don't have a lot of
time to spend on this. I was wondering if anybody is familiar enough
with the product versions to tell me I'm looking in the right



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