Understanding Google Revenue

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Has anyone ever had Google report the gross (Google's share + your
share) and not just net revenue (your share)?

I am in dispute with a large corporation who claims to have a unique
relationship with Google.  I was serving up Google ads on my website
through their network.  They promised to give me all the Google revenue
as a bonus.  They shared the Google report for the channel which is my
website.  But they say that the Gross estimated revenue is not all
theirs.  They claim that an undisclosed portion goes back to Google.

I have my own account Google ads on several of my other websites.  I
know that the reports that I receive reflect the exact amount that I

Can any one clarify for me whether they have ever received a report
that is higher than the check that was received?


Re: Understanding Google Revenue

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Nope. It sounds like they are trying to pull a fast one on you.

Google do make a comment if you have their search box on their site, quote:
"Revenue from AdSense for search may be offset at the end of the month by
costs associated with performing searches.", but even then I've never known
them actually charge me. (Which is just as well because the search brings in
peanuts.) However, thats for their search, I've never see anything which
might imply a charge for their ads.

Ask them to justify their claim, and show you where in the google terms it
says they charge.

I know it can be an uphill struggle getting money owed sometimes. Hope you
get there in the end.
Brian Cryer

Re: Understanding Google Revenue

I questioned my "partner" about the reports and they claim they are
unique.  It will indeed be an uphill battle.

Re: Understanding Google Revenue

bgulmom@aol.com wrote:

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Google  AdSense resellers? Never heard of such line of business before.
I'm 95% sure Google would not endorse that and, if you report the company
to G, they'd gladly close their account. But then you won't see your
money, obviously.

Why didn't you apply for AdSense account yourself?

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Re: Understanding Google Revenue

 My "partner" is not a "reseller."  They are a very large corporation
who negotiated with google to put ads across all their vast number of
websites. My site was just one of those websites and my partner agreed
to give me the google revenue generated on my site as a bonus.  I just
question the way they are interpreting the Revenue Reports.

I do have my own Google account and have substitued these ads on this
website.  I was already running Google on my other sites.

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