ummmm, okay, i'll risk it - gimme a critique please

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Im a bit loathe to ask since Im already aware that it has some
significant problems, but theres a cost-benefit analysis to sitting
down and rejigging the whole tpl structures of phpbb just to get a
better validated page. Since the whole site revolves around its
bulletin board and seperate adverts section, Ive laid even the
non-dynamic pages out in the same way. As you can see there's dozens
of pages even before you get to the 'on the fly' stuff, so I'd like to
keep revisions realistic ;o)
So, excuses over.... here's the link /

Re: ummmm, okay, i'll risk it - gimme a critique please

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Gosh it's been a long time since you were seen around here!

The text is a little small for my liking (I like 12pt when I'm
working) and the front page is a little drab, boring, er not a bit
like a Morris Minor.

Lets have some pazzazz (sp?)



Veritas Vincti

Re: ummmm, okay, i'll risk it - gimme a critique please

Fleeing from the madness of the NTL jungle
and said:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

no matter where the motivation lies, it can be useful to take a look with  
others' eyes

Quoted text here. Click to load it

text size - leave it alone - in this case it's way too small.

links - get them sorted - I clicked on "nicely updated saloon" and it took  
me to a traveller - even I know the difference :)

horizontal menu - is currently insignificant - partly due to font size but  
also because it simply doesn't stand out

The logo is ok but it needs space round it - currently the most eye  
catching feature to new visitors is "you are not logged in"

S/E position is useful only to those placing ads - that info doesn't need  
to be at the top of the home page.  Indeed it may trigger casual viewers  
to wander off looking for/at other sites.

Do you have enough ads to jutify categories (yet)?

Tech index - looks like it was spoken in one breath - break them up into  
paragraphs before I collapse from Oxygen starvation :)

Caravanning - in a minor? don't.  it's just wrong.

Under the hood....

crikey - what a mess.  dump those stylesheets and script blocks out to  
separate files.  As for the markup, I have nothing complimentary to say:  
it needs redoing from the ground up - there is nothing salvageable from  
this slip-shod syrup.

nice idea - hope it works out.
William Tasso

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