UK business ISP - Gravity Internet - hosts top 50,000 website

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UK business ISP - Gravity Internet - hosts top 50,000 website
Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex, 22nd August 2006

Gravity Internet is delighted to announce that it has been selected to
host one of the planet's most successful websites:

Gravity Internet was selected by after demonstrating
their technical excellence and understanding of the new world of video

"I was really impressed with Tema's knowledge of the latest website
design techniques" explained's Neil Fairbrother
"Sponsored video podcasts are a new way to extend corporate messages
to the download generation and I needed a hosting company that could
create a platform to handle the massive demand I expected"

"When was explained to me I could see that it was
a revolutionary use of video podcasts" said Tema Hassan of Gravity
Internet "it's a real thrill to see the success one of my customers
is having and I'm looking forward to working with
as the site develops" went live on June 1st 2006 and was ranked in the top
50,000 websites on the planet on August 11th.

"This massive growth in traffic required a scalable hosting platform
with good connections to the Internet backbone. Gravity Internet were
able to demonstrate and fulfil these requirements as part of their
standard services."

Gravity Internet is an independent Internet Service provider for
business users. Using their network, Gravity specialise in
high-performance Internet connectivity up to 100Mbps; above and beyond
a typical residential connection of 1Mbps. is a video-podcast based entertainment and
information service providing shows about, by and for the grass-roots
community of the wider Thames Valley - from source to Estuary. The
video-podcast shows are free to download and can be watched at any time
in iTunes on Windows or Apple Mac computers, video iPods and even TV.

The shows on currently include:
Arts - local artists
Music - local musicians
Culture - local content
Business - local businesses
Cooking - featuring Jenni Garnham Chef of the Year Henley College
Legal - legal advice from a Thames Valley based legal practice
Illustrated audio stories - a 21st Century "Jackanory" - local
writers, illustrators, photographers and voice over artist collaborate
....and free to download music and movies

More is planned for the future. provides a unique way for companies to reach "the
download generation" as each video podcast show is sponsored, in the
same way that TV shows are. The 30 second adverts feature full motion
graphics, with voiceovers and backing tracks if needed.

About Gravity Internet
Gravity Internet was founded by Tema Hassan in September 2004 as an
independent Internet Service Provider for business users. Their
services focus on the performance and reliability that is demanded by
today's online world. Gravity Internet have built and operate their
own MPLS-enabled carrier-class network, which went live on 1st April

About is owned by Neil Fairbrother. Video-podcasts will
download into iTunes on Mac or PC, the latest versions of Quicktime and
iTunes are needed - these can be downloaded for free by clicking on
the "Get iTunes" button on or by visiting /

Neil Fairbrother created the 6th fastest growing brand  in the UK in
2002 (Langley-based Neos Networks) where he created Liquid Bandwidth
business to business telecoms service. Neil left when Neos was sold in
2003 to Scottish & Southern Energy plc. Neil had the idea for at the January 2006 planning meeting of Maidenhead
Ecademy - a networking meeting of local businesses that meets monthly
at Norden Farm.

About Podcasting
Voted "Word of the Year 2005" and invented in 2004, podcasts are
audio or video files that can be downloaded via an "RSS" link into
browsers or iTunes. If into iTunes they can then be downloaded into
iPods, the most popular podcast player on the planet with > 85% market
share. All the major broadcasters are moving into this space as a
cost-effective and convenient way of distributing their content - BBC
Radio 4's "Listen Again" service uses audio-podcasts.

Re: UK business ISP - Gravity Internet - hosts top 50,000 website

Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
and said:

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wanna sell up?

always happy to talk with hosts that want a get-out.

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oh dear - that may not have been a smart move.

Taking a risk and spamming for your own site is one thing - taking it upon  
yourself to spam for your clients brings a whole new meaning to "special  

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oops - I hope you aren't planning to dump more of your garbage here.

William Tasso

Re: UK business ISP - Gravity Internet - hosts top 50,000 website

William Tasso wrote:
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Why shouldn't they Bill?  You took the time to read every single thing
they said in their original garbage and respond line by line.  Aren't
you supposed to IGNORE spammers if you don't want them to come back?

Re: UK business ISP - Gravity Internet - hosts top 50,000 website

Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
and said:

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You do it your way - I'll do it mine :)

These guys are just down down the road (3 miles or so) from here - my  
offer to buy them out [1] is serious.

[1] I'll look at any proposal from a working host - even resellers
William Tasso

Re: UK business ISP - Gravity Internet - hosts top 50,000 website wrote:
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uh so?

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