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What are the pros and cons of going for two websites for the same
purpose, with different content ?
Do you think this is advisable ?

Thank you,
Praveen Venkatachari

Re: Two websites


Both being for the same firm.

thank you,
praveen venkatachari

Re: Two websites,

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You can't have too many web sites--as long as they all have different


Re: Two websites

Red E. Kilowatt wrote on 9/12/2007 4:39 PM:
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Yep, that's the key. If you have a web site for one
set of products or services, and another web site
for another product or services, that's fine. But if
you have two different web sites for the same
product, then that's not so good. Often a business
will want to use more than one web address, because
of the value of making it easy for the customer to
find it, then have one of those web addresses be the
  official web address, and the other domain names
redirect to the official web address.

Wayne Sallee

Re: Two websites

praveen scribed:

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Marketing people will tell you it's advisable to the extent that you can
test different sales approaches with two sites of different content.
Ed Jay (remove 'M' to respond by email)

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