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Hi guys,
I'm developing a new design for my site. Two Questions: /
1) Why oh why can't i get rid of the excess spacing to left of the menu?
"services". I've tried negative padding, margins the lot.
2) what do you think of the new design? Its still a bit rough at the mo.

Paul Watt

Re: two questions

paul watt scribed:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I changed your ul#sub id from display:block to display:inline and the text
slammed to the left border.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I like the masthead...a lot.
Ed Jay (remove 'M' to respond by email)

Re: two questions

paul watt wrote:
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Do you mean to the left of the menu's list items, but inside the
Services box? If so, try a small value for padding-left in ul#sub (start
with 0em and test up).

BTW, you have an extraneous right brace } in the CSS. Also, the entire
rule for .menu, which immediately follows the extra brace, appears to do
nothing much. Maybe delete it along with the "}"?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Looks nice and clean. You'll be wanting to validate both the code and
CSS before going live, but you knew that already. Seems like strict
would be better than transitional/loose. Remember a <title>.

I think you'd be better off with more whitespace in general. I've been
reading a book lately whose author spends whole chapters evangelizing
the religion of (well-planned) whitespace (meaning negative space,
whether it's white or not). And your box containing "Welcome to Paul
Watt Designs" could surely use more padding around its inner edges. You
might also like a bit more margin between that content and the footer boxes.

Maybe move the graphic representing "Services" down (margin-top) to
match the <h1> "Welcome..." text in the neighboring box. It looks a
little misaligned to me now.

I get itchy when I see fixed-width designs, especially that don't have
to be. You could break your logo banner into two parts and let it expand
and contract to fit the user's viewport. The content could flex, too
(using max-width for browsers which support it).

Why are you advertizing for Adobe? If you must have ads, especially ones
unrelated to your offerings, why not move them down below the menu?
Otherwise, you're wasting large quantities of space on /both/ sides of
the page. Leave lots of whitespace between the elements, but make good
use of the space available.

The copy needs proofreading: "exaxt", "�500". The class copywrite
doesn't appear in the markup, only in the CSS. But the correct word is
copyright if you refer to ownership of intellectual property; copywrite
is okay if you mean the verb, "to produce text or 'copy'". I don't know
which you mean, since you're not actually using the class.

The footer needs some styling. Everything is all run together and I
don't see that Terms and conditions is a link or why those words are
there along with a repeat of the main menu do you know what I mean?


Re: two questions

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Why do you have the "Get Acrobat Reader"  sticking out all by itself?
Plus it doesnt link anywhere.

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