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Hi all,

Say that I have two domain-names and, and one physical
server with a fixed IP.

Is it possible to set the clients to be directed to virtual
directory c:\inetpub\wwwroot\x and clients to virtual directory
c:\inetpub\wwwroot\y ?

Using Win server 2003 and IIS 6.


Re: Two domains one server

On Tue, 11 Sep 2007 07:36:07 -0700, Danny put finger to keyboard and

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That's a pretty simple task which should be more than adequately
covered in the server documentation. Alternatively, the magic phrase
you're looking for is "virtual hosting" - combine that with a keyword
of "iis" and Google will give you plenty of useful results. When I did
it just now, the first item in the results turned out to give detailed
instructions for doing exactly what you want.

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Re: Two domains one server

Danny wrote:
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Fire up IIS admin. You can create as many web sites as you like. Each
can have any folder anywhere. If this is a commercial server, the very
first thing I'd do is DISABLE and DELETE the default site. It's a
security risk.

On our server we have a RAID mapped to e:\ that contains all of our
sites in subfolders. On our main server, that's about 30 sites. In IIS,
there are 30 web sites defined, all pointing at folders on e:\, and
split between a couple of IPs. The way IIS resolves sites to folders is
via the HTTP header information. You can see this information by
right-clicking your web site name, choose properties, and in the Web
Site tab of the dialog click Advanced. In here you can add as many web
site domain names as you like*, against whatever IP addresses IIS
detects are available.

* of course, the names need to be registered, and your Name Server must
have the IP address of your server.

This is a little complicated I guess if you've never used IIS before. I
have a document I wrote describing all of this that I wrote for our
support teams - I could publish it online on Thursday if you like. It
pretty much covers all of this, plus how to get Perl, PHP and MySQL
working perfectly with IIS too.


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