Tripod is simply the best Free Webhost

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The reviews in the web on Tripod are not accurate. They understate its
capabilities while overstating its competitors.

It took me months to verify some sites such as the ones that I had
created above.

Finally I still stick to Tripod. There used to be a Tripod in Malaysia
but it closed down along with my website, a copy of the ones at

I actually created a business website, with a
working cgi-bin free javascript "nop" shopping cart.
Modifications had to be made to email packages. I simply commented out
any reference to email.

I only uploaded the entire sample for perl-based free shopping cart,
"commerce", still under testing.

I prefer javascript so as not to burden the free web host. has all:

i) cgi-bin although restricted for our own protection but workable.
ii) ftp upload, the only one among my webhost suppliers. This makes it
easy to upload and synchronise files between hosts,
iii) subdomain name, notice the name of my webpages at tripod.

You can also use an alternative /name, but this is longer and not so

These free websites and sources are useful for me to experiment with
internet style of business. Once my business grows, it may be
worthwhile to invest in better supported software products but I'd like
to stick to the suppliers of the basic free websites.

tripod offers enhanced services with greater bandwidth and capacities
for a fee. At the moment the fee is too high for our business.

I may be wrong but just now I tried many sites but without much
success. Many sites with 999Mbyte storage cannot be accessed or changed
business models. Many no longer offer completely free starter packages.

Re: Tripod is simply the best Free Webhost

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