Transfering data Between Flash and another url.

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I would like to transfer information between a flash movie Web Site and
another web site Ecommerce html form site (paypal)

1. What is a better option, using loadVariablesNum actionscript
directly from Flash or using JavaScript to send information from the
flash web site. What is the limit of both options?

2. Is Java script the only user based way to move information from the
html form in the other site to the flash movie?, What are the limits of
that method? I could not find an actionscript comand for that, I use
Flash 5.

3. I think that paypal offers its Ecommerce service for 30 cents flat +
3% variable, Is there any other similar service that offers a lower
flat or no flat, I do not care if the variable rate is higher since I
charge very small amounts for the product I sell in this Web site.

Thank you for your answer


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