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I have a website: I try to sell
clocks and furnitures.

I have been monitoring for the past 3 months and I can see growing
traffic from month to month. But there are no sales.

I think there is something wrong with the way I communicate.

How should I improve?


Babi Gendut

Re: traffic without sales

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Probably web spiders, I cant imagine why a potential buyer would
visit? Certainly they wouldn't pass the first page, they would just go
back to their search engine and try another option.

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You are not wrong.

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1) Learn marketing

2) Learn HTML and web design

3) Go back and do number 1 again.

4) Repeat 3 until you can sell snow to the Inuit


The Probert Encyclopaedia

Re: traffic without sales

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Take a look at your site... and then go to a few online stores, ones that
are successful preferrably.

Your home page looks more like its a personal site about you and your love
of antiques, not like a store... in fact you have the links to selling stuff
buried in a tiny font links at the bottom of your home page.

If its a store and you are selling stuff that should be conveyed on the home
page - your home page does not indicate in any way that this is an online
store and that you are selling anything.

And that doesn't mean put a "Buy Stuff Now" link on the home page... the
home page should have some of your product for sale, usually your "HOT
DEALS" or "SPECIALS" or just overstock you want to move faster.

If you go to they don't talk about how they like books on the
home page, they get you right to the books and other goodies they sell...
your site is more like a personal site/blog on its home page.

So what you should probably do is:
1) list product on the home page
2) make it obvious this is a store and that you are selling stuff
3) remove all the personal stuff about you on the site - people aren't going
to buy stuff because you like it... they buy it because they like it.  If
you want to convey your knowledge of the product and really feel it will
help then you can maybe put in a little side bar down one side of the page

Re: traffic without sales,

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I didn't see anything for sale in your store that didn't ultimately lead
to an affiliate link that takes visitors to other web sites. If that's
all you have to offer it's no wonder you haven't made any sales. You
have to give visitors more than that. Give them a reason to come back to
your site.

For example, you could give a detailed history of "Chesterfield
furniture" but you have to write it yourself and not just lift some text
from other web sites.


Re: traffic without sales

Hello Red,

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If I joined affiliate programs and I got links from them, how should I
use those links?
Arent't the visitors suppose to be directed to producer's website?


babi gendut

Re: traffic without sales,

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Affiliate links are fine--in some kind of context. Your site needs more
truly useful content.

I mentioned before about you doing some research and writing about
various kinds of antiques. By creating keyword rich content you improve
your search engine rankings, you give people a reason to come to your
site and possibly return in the future, and you give other web sites
reasons for linking to your site.

Any effort you put into creating useful content for your site will pay
dividends. You can't just put up a web site with a bunch of affiliate
links (and nothing much else) and expect to make money.


Re: traffic without sales

In article <76532b5e-cf14-4f6d-a56f-e20766962c10>, says...
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Very obvious to me:

1) Learn the proper way to design an attractive website

2) Make it clear that you are trying to sell something, this looks like
a personal hobby site

3) Take a look at your competitor's sites and see what makes them

4) Traffic is never an indicator of assumed sales, your products and
ability to market is what generates sales

Re: traffic without sales

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You are selling replica antiques, while claiming they are antiques.

You need to learn the difference!

It would help if your site worked: I can't see any clocks at all.

What on Earth made you pick replica antiques as an affiliate scheme?

You are asking total strangers to send you thousands of pounds, on a site
that quite clearly sets out to deceive them. Why would anyone buy from you?

Would you?

To have a hope in that trade, you will need a very professional looking,
upmarket site - go look at the competition, and see what you think!

Good Luck!


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