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Hi guys,

I have been writing web sites for many years. It only takes a few weeks /
months to make a site, get content and dynamic features but it just seems
VERY hard to get the traffic to it quickly. My biggest site stands at 6
million hits a month so I know I can do it but it took years. Infact it took
4 years of link swapping, affiliate systems etc etc. I wanted to see what
ideas people had so here is my idea. I will write 3 or 4 ideas under this
header and I would like anyone with a good idea to add it to the bottom so
the last thread has a quality list of ideas with expected results. For this
to work PLEASE do not flame people, bitch about suggestions etc. This could
be a way for us all to share 50 or 60 great ideas. So here goes and let the
brain storming begin:

Link swaps: Very time consuming, gets and rate of 2 or 3 links per 50
messages. Expect to get 3 or 4 hits a day from a good swap

Affiliate system: When your site is busy and has a product to sell, an
affiliate system is a good auto growth. Traffic numbers are hard to

Free product: Give a product away for free when a person sends enough hits
to you (count them with a cookie or similair).

Re: traffic generation, serious replies only, no flaming, no rubbish

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A lot depends on what your site's purpose is, and how it's funded. If
you're selling products from the site, then a little investment in
advertising can work wonders. And not just online advertising, either
- don't disregard traditional media; you can get a lot of traffic for
a fairly low outlay. I got plenty of traffic on one site by means of a
little judicious flyposting - I wouldn't recommend that for every
site, but it can work well for the right audience.

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