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PR 5 site seeking Web Design/ Search Engine/ Web Master Resources/
Ecommerce related link trades.
Your links are place on pages containing informatiive content relating
to your websites.

No 2 way, 3 way, 4 way links will be accepted. We link SITE to SITE
after we have reviewed your website and your link page structure.

We build link pages for our visitors. Not search engines and not to
recieve artifical SERP's.

All Visionefx linking code(s) are located here;
If you wish you trade 1 or up to 4 links) please provide us the
variations of your linking codes to use. There are 4 link code
variations in this order;

Web Design/ Search Engine/ Web Master Resources/ Ecommerce

We link back from our Article directory section(s):
We also link back form our Partner directory section(s) :

Relevancy is more important to us than Google Page Rank. If you scour
the web in search of link partners to boost your PR and inflate your
link citations you've come to the wrong place. Good webmasters know
that over the long-term, 'link and content relevancy' results in
visitor traffic. And traffic = business.

AGAIN -- We build link pages for our visitors. Period.
Google's guidelines for webmasters' states: Build pages for users, not
for search engines. We do not and will not measure the value of a
website or web page by its Page Rank, rather by the quality of a
website or quality of web page content.

We will place your link and description in a page of matching links
and content. This means more relevant links and content for our
visitors and traffic and visits for your site.  A link traded and
placed with Visionefx is a long term investment. All of our articles
and partner pages gain in PR every 6, 8 and 12 months. This means your
link investment with us will grow.

(However if you insist on a matching PR trade we offer PR- 0 (cached)
and PR 3, 4 and 5 pages). We will gladly match the PageRank or higher.
For example; If you place us on a PR2, we will most likely place you
on a PR3 containing relevant content. For us it's about content, good
design... a page that is useful to visitors.

Also -- Please place our link first.

Thank you,
Ricardo Vidallon
Virginia Web Design VISIONEFX

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