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Re: Totally OT: Kittens!

William Tasso wrote:

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Actually I think it's another 15 minutes on a treadmill :s

Re: Totally OT: Kittens!

Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
and said:

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two-bar or four-bar?

how many minutes per bar?
William Tasso

whither a trophy?

Re: Totally OT: Kittens!

Lori wrote in
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Are kittens (not to mention beer and chocolate) off topic on any

"live fast, die only if strictly necessary"

Re: Totally OT: Kittens!


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Not as far as I know.  And my cats agree with that assessment ;-D

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've
always got.

Re: Totally OT: Kittens!

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well done, Lori!!

Twas great that you took the abandoned cat in and gave her comfort inher
hour of need.

Kittens are so beautiful.  

We used to have kittens all the time when I lived on the farm. They were
always a delight.

Only ever had one awful experience.  This one particular year, a cat and
her kittens (several months old and mischievous) had a lovely cosy
upstairs barn/room to play in and sleep in.  It was so private and quiet.
It was perfect. Anyways, this particular day I went up to check all was
ok, and I met an awful awful sight.  It was like  a war movie.  Their
private little cubby hole had been turned into a killing field.  Cat and
kittens (must have been 5 or 6 kittens) were lying dead across the whole
room.  I found one little thing still alive........but it was in a very
bad way.  :(

I took it to the vet and the poor thing was terrified.  The vet put it

We have summised that a stoat or a whitrek (sp?) must have happened upon
the cats' barn and ran amok.  Tho we have never such animals, they are
apaprently very very fast.

Truly truly depressing.   The poor little things must have been terrified
as they were killed one by one.  :(

Re: Totally OT: Kittens!

robert blake wrote:
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That's horrible :( You almost made me cry :s

Re: Totally OT: Kittens!

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I know  :(

It was an awful sight to come upon.

Poor little things.

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