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I think many of you have been searching for best keywords.
Did you know that there are some keywords that advertisers will pay up
to 70$ for each click? So you can receive up to 50$ per click...
Imagine! 2 clicks and you have 100$!!!!!!!!
I think this site will be very important for those who want to
optimize their earnings!
I found it. Take a look!
Top Paid keywords - 500+ keywords for free!

Re: Top Paid Keywords

On 6 Mar 2007 08:37:56 -0800, "Kristaps307"

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$100 ?

Wow! Don't spend it all at once children!


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Re: Top Paid Keywords

Matt Probert wrote:
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These are the same losers who put up a page with all the top keywords on
them, get paid by Google a few months then Google catches on and doesnt pay
anymore, then they come here and say Google is a scam.

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