Top forum subject at average jamal VS Taxim

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Top forum subject at average jamal VS Taxim

average jamal cont. shhhh, let's listen in shall we.

Average JamaL  Posted:

   ........when in fact political awareness has made racism worst. you
crackers know that this shit aint even, now you wanna blame blacks for just
saying f*#k it and caring little to none about fitting in. f*#k fitting in
we should be in automatically.
  so have a power cracker day and make sure you continue to look down on us
instead of using your supposedly superior intellect to help us understand
whats wrong. throw all us good people away with thebad ones even though we
out number them 100 to 1. we should give up on you white f*#kers cause
george bush is so stupid, but we dont. cause we care about america. this
shit is hopeless, i am tired of my kids having to be niggers just cause afew
are acting crazy. i am tired of watching my 11 year old kid be fingerprinted
just cause he is playing outside in front of the house after 11pm in the
summer with his friends. why does he have to get fingerprinted? this system
sucks cause white people are instinctively racist and black people have been
angry so long its starting to imprint our DNA. lets fix it. or at least try.
instead of argueing you morons

White chicK posted:

             "Your yard analogy was powerful. ".........  I thought we were
making headway on racial equality too until New Orleans. Boy was that an
eye-opener. Look, I'm probably not a typical cracker. Wish I could put up a
fight and defend the status quo but I can't. I think you're right. It isn't
even.      "Racial pride is one thing, racial superiority is another"

TaxiM posted:

Well, jamal, that was special, i especially liked the end. "Lets fix it."
"You morons." I can see you're well on your way to becoming a mediator for
race releations. "white bastards", "you crackers", "you white fuckers".
Yeah, that's productive. And what's this "put down (over centuries)" BS?
Have you been around for centuries? I sure haven't. So I don't see why I or
any white people should have to feel guilty for things people we may or may
not be related to have done in the past. But that's the race card. Poor me.
It's someone else's fault. Just what this topic is about personal
responsiblilty. There are plenty of successful blacks. All it takes is the
motivation. Or will it just be cries for more handouts?


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