Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Mistakes

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Search engine optimization is a means of better using the power of the
Internet. It brings your business up higher on the listings of the key
search engines. To succeed at such optimization you need to avoid
several of the following common mistakes.

Not taking the time to submit manually. Using automatic search engine
submission tools or going through some service that offers to send
your site to 1,000 search engines is usually a big mistake. Being
listed on the major search engines (and there are about a dozen used
by 90 percent of Web visitors) is very important, and you should
handle it manually. If done correctly, it's worth taking the time.

Trying too hard to incorporate keywords. Packing keywords into meta
tags no longer works very well, and invisible text or cloaking pages
can get you banned from search engines forever. Incorporate the
keywords into your text. Search engines are now looking to optimize
based on what people see and read.

Overusing keywords. Search engines have caught on to the scheme to
overuse keywords. If your company sells shoes and you include the word
shoes or pumps nine times in three sentences they will catch on. Yes,
you do want to use keywords a few times throughout the text, but it's
a mistake to overdo it.

Lack of creativity in keywords and phrases. If you are a small
business selling toys in Boise, Idaho you will include the word "toys"
as a keyword. However, that will lump you with Toys R Us and all of
the other major toy stores and manufacturers who will still come up
ahead of you in search results. Therefore, you need to be creative and
think of words and/or phrases that might get you to come up more
readily for your target customers. Perhaps "Boise Toys" since local
shoppers will seek local businesses. Keep thinking and be creative.

Overusing graphics instead of text. Most search engines are not
programmed to read graphics but instead look for text. Therefore, if
you are too graphics-rich, you may be bypassed by the search engines.

Not following submission procedures. Each search engine will have
their own guidelines. Although they are similar, you need to pay
attention. If you submit your site but are not accepted, you can
submit again.

Tailoring pages for search engines. You can try to create different
pages for different search engines, but you will usually end up
wasting valuable time and resources, plus you will have too many Web
pages. Also, you could get banned from a search engine.

Neglecting your title tag. A common mistake is overlooking the
importance of the title tag. More significant than the name of your
business is what your business is all about. Since search engines give
more credence to what is at the start of the title tags, put your
prominent information at the beginning.

Neglecting a site map. If you want to know your way around a place,
you'll use a map. The same holds true for some of the most significant
search engines.

Believing too-good-to-be-true offers. Anyplace that guarantees you
thousands of hits, numerous customers, or anything of that nature is
likely a scam. There are scammers that will put you onto adware, pop-
ups, or other services that redirect traffic to places where visitors
do not want to go. Avoid these places.

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