Tis the season ...

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... to get silly with bandwidth it seems.

Three separate incidents today - all on the same network.

Each one a colo (unmanaged) customer on a shared feed 'trying' to hog all  
the available outgoung bandwidth.

One identified an open mail relay and shut it down right away.

Next fixed the prob when they returned from Christmas shopping - FFS,  
unmanaged means I don't manage it - the onus is on the customer to make  
sure someone does.  Oh well they were only blocked for an hour or two.

Third is still blocked - awaiting notification from client that they've  
fixed the prob - seems unlikely I'll hear anything for a few days really.

Is there some tradition of 'Christmas backup' or some other b/w hogging  
activity I am, as yet, unaware of?

/rant over

Compliments of the season to One & All

William Tasso


Re: Tis the season ...

And lo, William Tasso didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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Tis the season to get silly with our spam :|  Starting this morning our  
ISP started giving us over 3% false positives for spam.  Called them up  
and everyone is off partying, on Friday afternoon no less!  The  
receptionist had to call one of the techs using her pager.

Hopefully this gets fixed before I go home today because I do not want to  
deal with this over the holidays :P

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To you and yours!

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What, just one?  A man is blessed with two hands, you know. ;)


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Re: Tis the season ...

I sympathise - I had my a=DFhole day yesterday.

All the best for the holidays.

Re: Tis the season ...

On Fri, 22 Dec 2006 20:11:32 -0000, "William Tasso"

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Yes. It's called getting pissed and puking over the floor. The
tradition dates back to the pre-Christian Romans, they called it

I call it crass.


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