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im running several sites, some from my home and some from a leased server.
the leased server is proving somewhat troublesome, and i want to move all my
sites to my home based server.  im able to upgrade my bandwidth to
adequately serve pages, with the exception of one of my sites.  at
http://inlinediesel.com/multimedia/ i host many truck related videos that
consume anywhere from 20-50 gigs of DAILY thoroughput.  i would like to
restrict usage to that section during off peak hours.  at any given off peak
usage time i would like users to be able to access the videos, and during
peak usage get a page saying to try back during off peak usage hours (such
as, 11pm to 7am or so).  im running both windows 2000 server iis 5.0 and
windows 2003/iis 6 (back up server).
i dont want to use windows NTSF properties to set usage time because that
wont generate a a friendly "try back later" page.

Re: time of day usage

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Q: is 'peak hours' defined by time of day or by some measure if current  

If the former, then the 'scheduled tasks' processor will serve nicely as  
the trigger.

next up I'd suggest you create a 404 page to supply the friendly message.

now you need a directory to contain the downloads - this should not be a  
sub-directory of the site

next, create two scripts, one to create a virtual directory pointing to  
your downloads directoy, the other to delete that same virtual directory.

Should all be fairly straightforward except that the scripts may prove  
troublesome if you've never done those before.  I can probably dig out  
some examples if you need them but your favourite search engine is  
probably a more reliable source.

Note: it could be argued that the correct response during 'peak hours'  
is:  "503 Service Unavailable" making use of the optional 'Retry-After'  
William Tasso

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Re: time of day usage

Home is probably not going to be feasible because of your high bandwidth

20 GIG=20480MB

20480 / 1440 Minutes per day=14.2 Megabytes Minute

14.2MB Minute=248551 Bytes / Second

248551 Bytes Second=~ 2Mb Second

This exceeds a T1 by 25 Per second,

note that this is using your low number of 20GB Daily. 50GB would be

You're probably going to have to look at a co-location facility.

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