Three way pay highlights: Make sure you read the whole plan

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Three way pay highlights: Make sure you read the whole plan
- We saved the best for last!

1.$10 Fast Start Bonus and ongoing $10/month residual pay!
Monthly fast start and ongoing residual pay for all enrollments
for our great team of promotion experts
For every member you personally enroll you make $10. Every time
they renew their membership the enroller s paid another $10. If you
bring in 5 people that's $50 a month you can count on! 10 =
$100/month ... 50 = $500/month ... 100 = $1,000/month and so on. It
never stops and it's what promoters have come to rely on and need, a
piece of the action off the top for their ongoing investment in
promoting, list management and software costs! We are very proud of
our fast start bonus that converts to ongoing residual pay!

2.A 2x10 Massive Multiplier
No enrolling requirements - How would you like an extra $2192 a
month with an expandable massive multiplier! (a third leg is added
next to the second when your 2 x 10 is filled!)
It's not a matrix! It's a state of the art expandable massive
multiplier with built in compression! As soon as your second leg
fills up (from your own efforts or from spillover), you get an extra
leg, so for every leg you add, you can earn up to another $1,050 and
more to infinity! Take a look at the plan. You are almost at break
even with just 16 members on your team. After that, it's pure profit
and keep in mind, this is just one component of our three step pay
plan! Wait 'till you see .. We saved the best for last!
Level # of Members Commission Total
1 2 $2 $4
2 4 $1 $4
3 8 $2 $16
4 16 $0.5 $8
5 32 $0.5 $16
6 64 $0.5 $32
7 128 $0.5 $64
8 256 $1 $256
9 512 $0.5 $256
10 1024 $1.5 $1536
This is your total earnings:$2192

3.The 14daywealth infinity doubler
A "True" 1 x infinity doubler! And you thought doubling was dead!
We've made it with a true straight line so it's perpetual with 50%
reentry, long lasting with big payouts for everybody! How can this
We saved the best for last! This is how it works and remember we
stand behind it with our word as marketers with almost 10 years of
experience promoting, producing programs and systems and working the
net! Our infinity doubler, a true 1 x infinity, is designed to make
savvy members a great bang for your buck without being a
typical "get rich quick" doubler.

Look at these features
$5.00 from every subscription payment automatically goes into the
System is set to double as quickly as possible with limited
Doubler has weekly payouts after the first trial month at the
startup fee of $2.95
Cap on spending is $1,000 a month to prevent bogging down the
There's automatic free re-entry when your shares cycle and with
each subscription.
And here's the most exciting part!
We will limit the number of days, so that when the cycler goes
flat, we will close it
down and all shares that have not paid will go in at the beginning
of the new cycler!
The great thing is subscriptions and re-entries will continue to
feed the non paying
shares along with paid re-entries and new business!
The end result? A perpetual cycler with a long, long life that
never stops, huge
growing payouts and a 100% satisfied customer base that grows and
keeps growing,
helping everybody!

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And this pyramid scheme is illegal in the U.S. and many other countries.

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