thinking of giving up GoDaddy - advice please

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A few months ago I wanted to set up a website with a couple of email
addresses, but because I'm a complete beginner when it comes to
computers, I chose GoDaddy because of their 'Website Tonight'
sitebuilder. Perhaps it's just me, but I've had nothing but trouble
with this.

It took me several days just to construct the site, partly because I'm
such a complete beginner, but also partly because GoDaddy's own website
is so packed with stuff, I found it very hard to get to where I needed
to be. Then, for weeks after I'd launched it, I kept finding it
wouldn't come up when I typed in the address. And now, I can't get to
the page where my emails are stored (I don't have Web access at home,
so I rely on computers at libraries, etc). The people at GoDaddy
suggested I send them a 'trace route' to help them solve this email
problem, but all the computers I try tell me I don't have the
'administrative privileges' to do this.

The Godaddy people are very helpful when I email them about a problem,
but they take hours to get back to me - quite a problem when you're not
on the Web at home.

So now, seeing that my website isn't fully operational after three
months, I've decided to give up on GoDaddy and go on a 'building a
website' course.

My main questions are:

1) Considering that all my website will consist of will be about five
pages of text, with no pictures, plus a couple of email addresses
(which I must be able to get to via 'public' machines at libraries,
etc), would it be difficult for a beginner like me to build such a site
without needing a site builder?

2) Is there any reliable provider that offers web-space for a site of
this size for less than GoDaddy's $8.99 per month?

Any advice would be very welcome.

Re: thinking of giving up GoDaddy - advice please

brian wrote:
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It wouldn't be too hard to do this.  Since you don't know HTML you'll
need to use a site builder of some kind; there are several running
around.  None of them generate "good" html IMHO, but they may serve your

Most hosts have a control panel which will allow you to load a webmail
client such as SquirrelMail on your website so you can send and receive
email.  Generally they will have other features you can add, also.

Yes, it does take GoDaddy (and most other companies) a while to get
around to low priority questions like this.  I can understand your
frustration, but I'm sure you can admit that problems like "my site's
down" take precedence over questions on how to use their software.  At
least if your site is down, wouldn't you want that to take a higher

So I'm not sure just switching hosting companies is going to really
solve your problem.  You may be better trying to get a little help in
getting your existing account going with GoDaddy.

For instance, if you post the URL here, any number of people will be
willing to give you a hand in determining the problem.  We'll try to
help almost anyone who's tried to solve it themselves (and ask nicely :-) ).

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Re: thinking of giving up GoDaddy - advice please

brian wrote:

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There's absolutely no reason to be paying that much for a 5 page text
site!  If you want a site that's free after paying a $5 set-up fee,
you can look at .  

Crystal Tech ( ) is a  company I've found very
reliable that uses Windows hosting and has a plan for $2.95/month that
should be more than adequate for your  needs.

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Re: thinking of giving up GoDaddy - advice please

brian wrote

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It would be very easy indeed.  Most hosts these days have webmail which you
could access from public machines.

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Plenty.  Spend an hour or so Googling/researching.

Charles Sweeney

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