the nuisance of depositing checks

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I love getting paid through paypal, it's easy for me and my customers.
the problem is many of  my clients are over 45 and do business the
traditional way through purchase orders and sending checks in the mail

It is is such a nuisance to travel to the bank and deposit these. Is
there some easier way I am overlooking? I am just starting off.

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Got stamps?
Ed Jay (remove 'M' to respond by email)

Re: the nuisance of depositing checks

Ed Jay wrote:
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since i have a business account my bank requires me to make deposits
through some ridiculous bag system . ill ask them about mail though.
maybe i will need to change banks if they dont accept mail, but another
nuisance to worry about.

Re: the nuisance of depositing checks

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I used to have the same problem.  Off the start it was kind of cool going to
the bank every day with a couple of pages of checks to deposit (even if they
were only for  $20-40 each).  But as the business expanded it really got to
be a nuisance as I'd spend an hour or two every day filling out the deposit
slips and making sure everything was right (checks signed, amount filled in,
proper name on check, matching them up with invoice records).

Eventually what I did was offer everybody a 10% discount if they paid online
or over the phone with a credit card.  Alot of customers jumped at the
chance to save a few bucks and now almost all of them pay online.  Though I
am giving up 10% this has really helped speed things up:  at the end of the
month the website automatically generates and emails or faxes out the
invoices and I get a monthly statement updating me on who was invoiced, for
how much and who is delinquint in payments.  All online and phone payments
get updated into my database and when a check comes in I just open the
master administrator panel and click the button by their name that the
payment was made.

Again, the big disadvantage here is that to really entice people into
switching you need to offer them some kind of incentive... 10% is a pretty
good figure to draw their attention, but it does cost you, IE: if you are
making $15,000 a month and give them a 10% discount thats $1,500 a month you
are giving up for the convenience of having them pay you online.

If thats too much for you to give up at this point you might look into maybe
doing something like that (or more) as a temporary discount (IE: over the
next 3 or 6 months, maybe even a year) to get them started into paying
online... you can dangle it as a "we are checking into this concept of
paying online and would like to extend a discount of 10% off your invoice
for the next 6 months if you decide to try it out" or something like "we
would like to show you the benefits of paying online and how easy it can be
to pay your invoice with a credit card through our billing site... for the
next 6 months we are giving everybody a 25% discount to their invoice if
they pay online with a credit card"

Re: the nuisance of depositing checks

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I don't know where you are based, but in the UK a number of banks are now
offering postal services, which means you could pop the cheques in the post
to pay them in. Still not as convenient as paypal or direct transfer, but
probably more convenient than a trip to the bank.
Brian Cryer

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Have the clients send the checks to me. I'll take care of it for you.

Only in AWW would someone bitch about getting paid...

Karl Groves

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Re: the nuisance of depositing checks

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Check services like SWREG (and some others, like shareit, kagi, btmicro or  
something; I am using SWREG and am happy with it, YMMV). They accept  
credit cards, checks, PayPal and wire transfers (perhaps even more, I  
don't know) as a payment for your services (I am selling shareware, but  
AFAIK there are no restrictions as long as what you do is legal) and then  
they send you  your money once a month.


Re: the nuisance of depositing checks


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If the customer can only pay by check, there's nothing much you can do
about it.  The likes of PayPal have electronic checks, but if they're too
traditional for PayPal, this won't help them much.

I would just take the checks!

Charles Sweeney

Re: the nuisance of depositing checks wrote:

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Ask 10% more for checks by mail.

John  isa Perl programmer:

Fox G Bar:

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I only go Mondays and Thursdays, and my bank is only a mile away  Each
day checks come in I enter it on the deposit slip and that way all I
have to do is total it up.  Is your bank that far away that it's truly a

Re: the nuisance of depositing checks

On 1 Mar 2006 21:20:31 -0800, posted something that

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Talk to your bank about lockbox services. Most banks offer it.

Your customers mail payments to an exclusive post office box that the
bank maintains on your behalf. The bank's staff receives, processes,
images, and deposits those remittances for you.

It's not free, but you didn't expect that, did you? They're using
relatively low-paid clerical staff, so even after they make a profit
on the deal, you might consider the price a bargain.

You can also engage a bookkeeping service to do the same thing. I
imagine it runs a litle less than at a bank, but you run a bigger
risk. Bank employees make many errors you wouldn't, simply because
they are unfamiliar with your customers, but they rarely embezzle


Re: the nuisance of depositing checks

thanks for all the replies. i talked to the bank and they said I can
mail in my deposits. they even gave me all the postage-paid envelopes!
If I hadn't posted here I would never have thought to ask for this?!

Re: the nuisance of depositing checks

Here's what I do for ongoing relationships or low dollar industrial
equipment stuff. I deposit checks infrequently, but ship/deliver
quickly. That is, I ship/deliver before cashing checks. Yes, I am
risking an occasional deadbeat, but in practice, I have yet to have
one. It is worth it.


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