The nightmare of designed mobile-friendly sites

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I just finished rebuilding my site to make sure that it's mobile
friendly. To check if a browser is mobile, I first check to see if the
screen width is lower than 750px, then I check a few server variables
$_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT']). If anyone wants the details on how I'm
comparing the server variables, let me know and I'll post it.

The biggest change that I make is, if the browser is found to be
mobile, then I convert all contenteditable DIVs to textareas. I've
also moved from a mostly-table design to almost-no-tables, and am
pretty much W3C compliant using 4.01 Transitional (with a few minor
exceptions; missing ALT tags, a <noscript> tag that it doesn't like
but that is still necessary, and a few issues from imported feeds that
I can't really control).

I was able to test this with a Palm Pre, an iPhone, Opera Mini, and a
Blackberry. But then today, someone emailed and said that their LG
Flip Phone does not work with the rebuild; the phone gets to a "dead
end" (which I assume means that it will not scroll to the bottom of
the page), it will only scroll through a couple of pages, and the
phone will not let them log in (on my end, logging in stores a cookie
via Perl, so I'm guessing that it's not recognizing cookies).

Have any of you crossed the mobile barrier? If so, have you found this
to be a common issue, or is it something specific with how I've coded
my site?

Re: The nightmare of designed mobile-friendly sites

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