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I've made the decission to try and make a living out of this web designing
My question is (and I guess its a $1000000 question) how do you get clients?
I was planning on taking an ad out in my local papers,going door to door
with the shops in my local area,maybe even doing a mail shot to local
I'm hoping to get some word of mouth buisness from my simon gogerly site,
seeing as he's in the music biz, i'm thinking up-coming bands, that sort of
Am I missing anything?


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Re: The next step

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Join a few forums.  There are thousands of potential clients at any of
the below sites.

Many more are listed here:

Wish you the best!


Re: The next step

Fleeing from the madness of the  jungle
and said:

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Of course you are <g>, but the above is a good start.

How do you currently earn a living?  Can you convert any existing contacts  
into web site clients?

Bon chance.
William Tasso

Re: The next step

It's worth checking if your local independant computer suppliers will allow
you to leave some business cards there. Often they will since it complements
their business.

There are a number of sites for indie developers to pick up projects, and as
others have already said, if you can turn contacts into clients you'll be
sorted. There are a lot of small businesses that just want a basic presence
on the web, so you might consider proactively approaching some local ones
that with dont have websites. Plenty will respond to a personal approach
from a local developer....

Good Luck.

Re: The next step

Paul Watt wrote:
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Hmmm, the local chamber of comerce might also be a good starting point.
Other then that, maybe small local shops etc etc.
Regards Chad.

Re: The next step

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Now we rely on reputation and Google AdWords and are very very busy ... but
when we started out we found that col calling local businesses worked,
fliers didn't, adverts in papers didn't, yellow pages didn't, emailing
current sites did ... but all depends on the market.

My advice, get a good Google AdWords scheme setup oncentrating on paying a
few for high quality clicks "web site designers yourtown" rather than "web
site design" for example ...

Re: The next step

Quoth Paul Watt in alt.www.webmaster

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Lots of good response already posted - but I'll add this:

Check out show #35 of Brendon Sinclairs Business Mix podcast.

Brendon interviewed a Brisbane Web developer for a half hour, on how he
built his business up from a one man show to himself and 9 employees in
just 11 months.

A lot of it focusses on selling Web site design services, but most of it
can be applied to any business where face to face selling is needed.

It is certainly worth a listen if you get chance. /


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Re: The next step

Paul Watt wrote

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YES!!  Go for it!  Best of luck.

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Although the interenet is the thing these days, your clients could be
anywhere in the world, I think it would be better to start off locally.  
There's still a hell of a lot to be said for the Yellow Pages, and for a
few quid more you get on their web directory.  I used it for a hosting
company, and still get calls today, four years after running the ad!

Many folks reach for the Yellow Pages first.  Give it very strong

When you start up, do a press release in the local rag.  The new dad,
with the baby site would make a nice angle here.

Charles Sweeney

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