The New Simple Netquette (Nov.8, 2005)

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1. Identity theft on usenet is a federal crime, punishable by law.

Using people's names, emails, and other personal data is really a civil
rights violation, and identity theft is considered stalking, which is a
criminal act, which can carry a typical USA 6 months of mandatory
mental institution sentence.

2. Archiving usenet messages violates civil rights.

This netiquette finally applies to both users and to companies.

Unfortunately a really great portion of the original netiquette
applies to the 'Google' culture of usenet archiving: (from the
original netiquette: Be careful what you post, because people
archive you, and so on) Note that Google is by far the primary
archiver of usenet.

The problems began in 1995 when DejaNews announced that
as a private corporate venture it will archive all usenet messages
and make the available to the public. A lot of people raised their
voices around the world regarding privacy concerns. As of 2001,
Google purchased DejaNews, and remained ever since the primary
archiver of usenet as a whole.

As of 2005, usenet should not be managed privately as a whole, as
a usenet group is like a net street, where people come for personal
interests and questions, and archiving such materials infringe on basic
human rights. Google unfortunately Orwellianizes usenet with its
irresponsible archiving and continuous nonsensical violations of
human wights worldwide.

3. Personal conflicts should be resolved in private.

4: No companies with general public customer services to
Usenet. Usenet posters are not customers of anybody. Usenet
has no customer services dependencies as a global international
entity, only the netiquette. No such business dependencies are

5: If you are plunking of killfiling someone, don't advertise it.
No shovenist behaviors, please.

6: No trolling.

7. No commercial soliciting.

8. The topic of discussion should stick to the title of the thread.

There are many who don't even see the topic. That behavior is
extremely annoying, especially toward the person who initiated the

9. If you are a victim of an online crime, what can one do?
(i.e. identity theft, what does that mean? What should be done?)

This is what should be done:

10: The original netiquette is not valid any more.

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