The new 'real' netiquette (draft)

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The netiquette needs an updating, the real netiquette:

1. Impersonation is a federal crime, punishable by law.
2. Archiving usenet messages violates civil rights.

Ok, 1 is debatable, because there are so many forms of impersonations.
Impersonating other posters online is a federal crime. Using their
Names, emails, and other personal data is really a civil rights violation.

See most of the netiquette applies to Google archiving: Be careful what
you post, because people archive you, and so on, but Google is by far
the primary archiver of usenet.

2. Don't archive usenet messages, because messages are generally discussions made
from the comfort of people's homes, and archiving such discussions, unless for
specific purposes, is unethical, and violate human and civil rights of privacy and
dignity. Archiving discussions that stand as 'chats' in practice, is something
very niggerizing as it infringes on people's homes and privacy and human dignity.
Its very nasty, something seen in the movie 1984 with cameras on the wall,
in your own home. Google cams.

1. Stealing personal information and using it without the approval of the
person is an act of abusing people.

I can borrow one from the old one:
3. Personal conflicts should be resolved in private.

"They are sick pigs (the Google)". So:
4: No Google on the Internet. No that kind of thing. Forget that it ever existed.

5: No companies with general public customer services to Usenet.
Usenet posters are not customers of anybody. Usenet has no customer
services dependencies as a Global International Entity, only the netiquette.
No such business dependencies are allowed.

General archiving of usenet discussions will always remain a giant Orwellian
violation. That's why I called them a Ceaucescuian publishing corruption.
(Remember Ceaucescu's street cameras? Google Groups Beta is that
kind of an intrusion to a free heart.)


6: if you are plunking of killfiling someone, don't advertise it.
(unless you are a professional sadist working in Abu Graib or Guantanamo Bay.)

Re: The new 'real' netiquette (draft)

"sweater" closet. Fearing reprisals for his deep desire for young male,
goats, he knew the makers of sweaters would be agast at the potential
product containg his blast.

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Re: The new 'real' netiquette (draft)

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Federal crimes, abu graib, enough, forever. People are not dogs. If it
violates animal rights, don't do it to people.

Re: The new 'real' netiquette (draft)

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7: No trolling. (Finally.)

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